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Chapter 726: It Must Be Mr.


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Along the way, Lu Hang had already told Li Qisheng about Lu Heting and Su Bei.

He told him to keep his mouth shut.

Only then did Li Qisheng recover from his shock.

In other words, Su Bei was Mr.

Lus wife The legitimate young madam of the Lu family

Li Qisheng, who had regained his senses, knew what to do.

He immediately reached out and shook hands with Su Bei.

“Su Bei, Di Xing Media has already decided to invest in Two Phoenixes.

The male and female leads will be cast by people from Di Xing Media.”

Su Bei hadnt even greeted him when Li Qisheng said he wanted to invest.

She was both surprised and delighted.

Her eyes shone brightly.

“Thank you, Manager Li! Then, lets sit down and discuss this in detail.”

“No need.

Im very optimistic about this movie.

Lets sign the contract tonight! Ive just informed the reporters.

Im afraid theyll be arriving soon.

Su Bei, are you ready” Li Qisheng asked.

Su Bei had always been prepared, but it was too fast.

She immediately reacted.

“Im ready.”

The moment she said that, reporters rushed in from the entrance.

Director Guo Feng, Lin Yu, Lu Weijian, and others also appeared.

Soon, the entire hall was filled with people.

Han Feng, who was going to play the male lead in Two Phoenixes, and Rong Xiu, who was the female lead, had been notified by Li Qisheng.

They rushed to the scene.

The reporters did not know what was going on and hurriedly took photos while discussing, “Han Feng, Rong Xiu, and Su Bei are all here.

What are they doing”

“I dont know, lets wait and see!”

Fans who knew that Han Feng and Rong Xiu had come and heard the news also rushed over.

They raised fan signs at the entrance of Grand Prosperity Tower.

In an instant, there was a commotion.

Although the reporters didnt know what was going on, the gathering of big shots meant that something big was about to happen.

All of them were especially excited.

When Li Qisheng stood on stage, Su Bei found a chance to speak to Lu Heting.

“Lu Heting, how did you convince Manager Li to agree so quickly”

“Im not too sure either.

Maybe he thinks highly of you.” Lu Heting was indeed a little surprised because he had arranged for Li Qisheng to come over and invest while making sure that everything was in order.

He thought that Li Qisheng would first discuss it with Su Bei before confirming the details of the contract.

However, the first thing Li Qisheng said when they met was that he was going to invest.

Hence, his surprised expression wasnt an act but a genuine one.

Su Bei could not find any traces of acting on his face.

Su Bei said, “Youve already helped enough by finding him.”

“Actually… he was the one who approached me first and asked if I could get in touch with you.” Lu Heting was telling the truth.

It was Li Qishengs intention to work with Su Bei.

Thinking that his woman was so popular, Lu Heting was full of pride but also felt a subtle sense of danger.

There were more men who genuinely liked Su Bei than he imagined.

Of course, Li Qisheng probably didnt dare to like Su Bei.

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Li Qisheng stood on stage and was about to speak when he felt a cold gaze on him.

His body trembled.

Needless to say, he knew that the person who could release such a powerful aura was definitely Mr.


Fortunately, he was quick-witted.

The moment he opened his mouth, he confirmed his investment with Su Bei.

He wanted to end the battle quickly.

In front of Young Madam, the pressure was too great..

He had no choice but to hurry up.

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