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Chapter 724: Can Only Be Tang Yues Foil

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“Thats true.

Dont you know how Tang Yue was raised She was personally groomed by Old Master Tang and raised by her parents.

She must be different.”

“Su Bei is different.

Tsk tsk, shes still a child who was raised outside, after all…” Everyones words were filled with contempt for Su Bei.

“Why else would they say that Su Bei wasnt good from the very start She has been wandering outside since she was young, and her ability is not good to begin with.

Now, she is causing chaos everywhere she goes.

I heard that those who have interacted with her will suffer!”

Tang Yue listened with satisfaction.

Soon, the jewelry, jade, and antique fair was held under Tang Yues leadership at the capitals luxury shopping mall, Grand Prosperity Tower.

That night, the number of people attending the fair was so large that the entire venue was about to collapse.

Everyone knew that there were jewels, jade, and antiques from all over the world being displayed here.

There were also many antiques from S Country.

All of them were expensive and enviable items.

Some wealthy ladies from wealthy families, as well as movie stars, were in attendance.

There were also many collectors and artists who loved jewelry and antiques.

The Tang family also appeared early in the morning to share Tang Yues glory this time.

However, Su Bei never showed up.

The relatives and friends of the Tang family were all discussing, “Im afraid Su Bei wont come, right”

“Thats true.

I was really afraid that she would come.

What if she brought disaster to this fair”

“Forget it, forget it.

Its fine as long as Tang Yue is here.

Anyway, Su Bei is just a supporting role.

She probably knows this too, so she doesnt dare to come.”

“If she comes, she can only be Tang Yues foil.

If it were me, I wouldnt come either.”

Tang Yue held her wine glass and smiled.

In fact, Su Bei had already arrived but was waiting in the other hall of the Grand Prosperity Tower.

Lu Heting had said that he would introduce her to an investor tonight and asked her to wait here.

Su Bei waited patiently.

The hall was not decorated as grandly as Tang Yues fair.

Instead, it was decorated in a delicate and elegant style.

It was not luxurious, but it gave people a pleasant sense of comfort.

Lu Heting sat in his office and said to Lu Hang, “Get Li Qisheng here.”

“Immediately,” Lu Hang replied.

He knew that Mr.

Lu was an impatient man.

How could he watch Young Madam suffer for so long

Li Qisheng was the general manager of Lu Corporations Di Xing Media Company and had worked with Lu Heting before.

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When he heard that Mr.

Lu was looking for him, he rushed over immediately with a document in his hand.

Actually, he had something to ask Lu Heting.

Standing in front of Lu Heting, Li Qisheng asked respectfully, “Mr.

Lu, whats the matter”

Lu Hetings gaze fell on the document in his hand and he glanced at Su Beis photo.

“What are you holding”

“About that…” Li Qisheng hesitated.

Li Qisheng quickly said, “This is Su Bei.


Lu, you might not know her, but shes a very popular model recently and also an actress.

Ive seen the video of her acting and I think very highly of her.

Recently, she encountered some problems and I wanted to sign her, but…”

When Lu Heting heard this, he calmly leaned back in his chair and a smile appeared on his face..

He felt proud that someone was praising Su Bei.

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