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Chapter 722: Without You, Itd Be Soulless

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It didnt matter if Su Bei was a jinx or not.

When they were working together with Su Bei, they had always been quite happy.

Su Bei was also very empathetic toward the staff.

Most of the filming was done in one take, so it was very easy to film her scenes.

Just because of some rumors from the outside world, they had to give up their cooperation with Su Bei Bah!

With that, there werent many of them left.

Besides, Director Guo Feng and Lin Yu could be said to be the most important people for this movie.

If they left, what could they do

Tang Yues expression darkened.

“Do you know what youre doing Dont you want to earn money Dont you want to support your family”

“Im sorry, President Tang.”

“Do you know the consequences of breaching the contract” Tang Yue questioned loudly.

Lin Yu had one hand in his pocket.

“Are the investors responsible for Su Beis injuries on set With so many problems, has President Tang ever asked a single question Breach of contract President Tang, you can talk to my lawyer!”

Tang Yue immediately felt a little guilty.

The others were easy to deal with, but Lin Yus lawyer was said to be the toughest to deal with in the industry.

Sheng Tang did not need to offend such a tough nut.

Some left with Director Guo Feng, while others stayed behind.

Someone immediately reminded Tang Yue.

“Director Guo Feng was the one who wrote the script this time, so if Director Guo Feng leaves, this project will completely fall apart.”

Those who stayed behind were dumbfounded.

If they had known this would happen, they would have been more stubborn and left with Director Guo Feng.

Tang Yue angrily waved her hand.

With money, there was no need to worry about not having a good script and a good director As for Su Bei and Guo Feng, she wanted to see how they would find investors!

However, all the effort she had put in earlier was in vain.

At the thought of this, Tang Yue still felt a little upset.

Su Bei looked at Director Guo Feng and Lin Yu.

“Im really sorry for making you suffer with me.”

“Without you, this script of mine would really be soulless,” Director Guo Feng said.

“Anyway, my whole family is living just fine right now.

I can wait for other investors.”

Lin Yu patted Su Beis shoulder.

“I was just worried that I wouldnt have time to eat hotpot.

Great, now I have enough time.

Lets go, Su Bei.

Lets go together.

You said youd treat us.”

“…” Su Bei was a little speechless.

Could it be that Lin Stone followed them out so excitedly just to eat hotpot

And since when did she agree to treat

Su Bei waved her hand and said to all the actors and staff who followed her out, “Lets eat hotpot tonight.

My treat!”

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After finishing their meal, the matter still needed to be resolved.

Su Bei had to find new investors within seven days.

Otherwise, with so many people waiting to earn money, they could not wait too long.

Su Bei was actively contacting investors, but her situation had been getting out of hand recently.

Now, even Sheng Tang Entertainment did not think highly of Su Bei.

With the shareholders opinions, how could the investors from elsewhere accept this hot potato

Su Bei held the script and bit her lip.

Others might not know how much she liked the role of Ni Huang, but she knew how much she had sacrificed for this role.

He sat down and said softly, “Ive already contacted a new investor for you.”

“Im contacting them myself.” Su Bei smiled.

“However, those people are avoiding me because theyre afraid that Ill suck away their good luck.”

“Ignorant fools..” Lu Heting pursed his thin lips.

“Theyll regret it one day!”

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