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Chapter 716: Im With You

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Since Dr.

Hu had the medical report as evidence, what was there to doubt

Now, everything was clear!

The reporters were boiling with excitement and had many questions to ask Su Bei.

However, Su Bei had already turned around and left under the escort of her bodyguard.

She no longer needed to defend herself.

Director Guo Feng and Xiao Bai followed behind Su Bei excitedly.

Director Guo Feng said, “Su Bei, your manager, Yue Ze, is pretty good.

He could even find such strong evidence for you.

He really has super strong execution skills and excellent integration ability.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Director Guo Feng, it wasnt Brother Yue Ze who found the evidence for me.

Its someone else.”

“Who” Director Guo Feng was really curious.

Even Xiao Bai was eagerly waiting to find out who it was.

Su Bei glanced at Lu Heting, who was following her quietly with a mask on.

The love in his eyes was indescribable.

However, she could not tell everyone about it.

This feeling of having to hold it in was really uncomfortable.

She also wanted to tell everyone that Lu Heting was the best husband in the world and the best man in the world.

Forget it, forget it.

It was good enough that he knew about it.

There was no need for him to be followed by reporters.

Director Guo Feng nodded.

“Got it.

Im sorry to have brought it up.”

“Ill go back first.” Su Bei said goodbye to Director Guo Feng and Xiao Bai.

Lu Heting helped Su Bei into the car.

Xiao Bai looked at his back in surprise.

“Isnt that… Isnt that…”

Was it the man who stayed in Su Beis room the last time they were filming a snow scene in the north

“What is it” Director Guo Feng asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” Xiao Bai hurriedly shook her head.

Su Bei got into Lu Hetings car, hugged him, and kissed him hard.

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Lu Hetings face lit up with joy.

He looked like a gentle and kind person.

“I really want everyone to know that Im with you.” Su Bei smiled.

Her eyes were like a sea of stars.

“Me too.” Lu Heting kissed her back.

Su Bei secretly swore that she had to become stronger and have the ability to shield him from the wind and rain before letting the world know of his existence.

Now, she still needed Lu Hetings constant protection.

She really couldnt risk it.

#Su Bei forcefully disclosed Fang Yourongs condition without permission.#

After this topic started trending, it quickly reached the top.

Those who clicked on this topic were initially full of anger and wanted to scold Su Bei.

However, after reading the relevant reports, they changed their minds and sympathized with Su Bei.

“Oh my God, what kind of immoral plot is this Su Bei was actually diagnosed with late-stage gastric cancer And its Fang Yourongs fault”

“How scary! Just what kind of mental pressure did Su Bei have to bear previously No wonder she refused to take on long-term work and did not have any plans for her career.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I remember she announced that she wanted to leave the entertainment industry.

I think she went back to America after that.”

“Im grateful to the American doctors for figuring out Su Beis misdiagnosis in time.”

Everyone continued to read and realized that Su Beis press conference proved something very important.

She had not sent anything to harm anyone!

In order to prove their innocence, the express delivery company also released all the surveillance footage to prove that the package had never been opened since it was sealed in front of Su Bei.

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