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Chapter 715: Su Bei Was Wrong

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As soon as the photos were revealed on the screen, someone recognized the woman.

“Isnt that Fang Yourong”

“Yes, I recognize her too.

Fang Yourong used to be plumper, but shes much thinner now.”

“In other words, Fang Yourong secretly used Su Beis information for an examination in that American hospital”

“Then, the person who has gastric cancer is Fang Yourong So it was reasonable for Su Bei to send the documents to her.

Theres nothing wrong with it!”

“And when Su Bei sent it, there was no way it could contain catkins.

I just saw her holding the documents and shaking them a few times.”

“The truth is out.

Su Bei didnt cause Fang Yourongs allergic reaction!”

A reporter immediately looked at Su Bei and asked, “Su Bei, is it true that Fang Yourong has gastric cancer What happened when you guys fell off the cliff together”

Su Bei said to the reporter, “Its true that Fang Yourong is suffering from gastric cancer.

Im sorry, Fang Yourong.

I have no choice but to announce your condition.

Because you once used my name for an examination, I spent nearly a year worrying about my health.

Its also because the American doctors have been waiting for you to go back for a follow-up examination.

The American doctors said that if you go over quickly, theres still a chance of recovery.

Theyve already found a new treatment method.

“Therefore, I hope that you wont hide your illness.

Dont avoid it anymore.”

It was indeed unreasonable to announce someone elses illness, but the reporters could understand Su Beis feelings.

Moreover, Fang Yourong had used Su Beis identity to do the examination.

It seemed like she didnt want her personal information to be known.

Su Beis actions were understandable.

Su Beis voice was a little heavy.

“I also have the truth about the cliff.

This is a video.

You guys can watch it.”

It turned out that when Su Bei and Fang Yourong were filming that scene, Fang Yourong removed the wires from her body and jumped down with Su Bei in her arms.

She planned to drag Su Bei along even if she had to die.

However, she didnt expect that the cliff wasnt too high.

Moreover, it was a scenic area and the ground was filled with flowers and plants.

The plants cushioned their fall, causing Su Bei to only suffer light injuries.

Coincidentally, someone was taking photos in the scenic area.

He happened to capture Fang Yourong undoing her wires, hugging Su Bei, and jumping off the cliff.

Before Su Bei could react in time, she thought that something had happened to Fang Yourong and even reached out to hug her, wanting to reduce the impact.

That was why Su Beis arm was dislocated.

After the video was released, the truth was clearly displayed in front of everyone.

“Su Bei didnt harm Fang Yourong.

Fang Yourong took the wires off herself!”

“Su Bei even protected Fang Yourong!”

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“But Fang Yourong fainted! If she wasnt seriously injured, why would she faint”

“Thats because her gastric cancer has already caused her body to deteriorate.

I suggested that she stay in the hospital for treatment, but she secretly went out to film.

She fainted because she was exhausted.

She didnt get injured from falling off the cliff!” Dr.

Hu walked past the crowd and stood up to face everyone.

He bowed to everyone and said, “Fang Yourong fell off the cliff but wasnt injured from the impact..

Everyone is wrong about Su Bei.”

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