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Chapter 713: I Was So Frustrated

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Therefore, when they heard from the media that Su Bei would hold a press conference when she was discharged the next day, everyone waited for an explanation and an outcome.

The next morning, Su Bei could be discharged after having breakfast.

In the main hall of the hospital, her appearance caused a sensation among the reporters who had been waiting there for a long time.

Immediately, the reporters gathered around, all wanting to get first-hand information.

At this moment, Director Guo Feng and Xiao Bai arrived at the scene under Lu Hetings notice.

Su Bei said to the reporters, “Dont worry, Ill answer all your questions.”

Director Guo Feng and Xiao Bai rushed to Su Beis side to protect her.

Lu Heting was always there, protecting Su Bei as a bodyguard.

“However, this is the hospital.

Please do not interfere with the activities of other patients and their families.

Lets go to the hospitals conference hall,” Su Bei said and took the lead to walk over.

The reporters couldnt wait to find out the truth.

Su Bei stood on stage and greeted everyone before saying, “Everyone knows that many things have happened between me and Fang Yourong during this period.

So today, I will explain everything here.

“First of all, Director Guo Feng will explain the matter about me wanting to steal the female lead role from Fang Yourong.

No one expected such an opening.

They could only look at Director Guo Feng now.

Director Guo Feng stood up and said, “From the start of my preparations for this movie, Su Bei was one of the female leads that I was considering.

Everyone knows that I previously worked with Su Bei for a commercial before.

In the commercial, Su Beis appearance in ancient costume fascinated me and I grew to admire her very much.

This script could be said to be tailored for Su Bei.”

The reporters couldnt help but be surprised because they really didnt expect Director Guo Feng to write the script with Su Bei in mind.

At that time, not to mention in the film industry, Su Bei wasnt even famous in the modeling industry yet, right

“I know that everyone is surprised.

Even Su Bei herself had hesitations.

I tried to contact Su Bei several times to act in the movie, but she rejected me each time.

It was only when Two Phoenixes started filming that I looked for Su Bei again and sent her the script.

“Who knew that when I got the contract ready, she chose the role of Ni Huang.

I was so frustrated.”

Director Guo Feng suddenly said something that made the reporters laugh.

Immediately after, Director Guo Feng showed the contract he had prepared for Su Bei at that time.

She was clearly offered the role of the female lead.

The official stamp was clearly stamped on it, and the date was also very clear.

It was before the filming began.

Director Guo Feng said, “This matter cant prove anything else, but it can at least prove one thing.

That is, Su Bei didnt harm anyone because she wanted the female lead role.

She had the right to choose whatever role she wanted for this movie.

Back then, she rejected the female lead role and chose to be the second female lead.

If she really wanted to be the female lead, why did she reject me back then”

The reporters couldnt help but nod their heads.

Director Guo Fengs words had indeed proved that Su Bei would not harm others because she wanted to be the female lead.

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“Then what about Fang Yourongs allergic reaction I dont know if youve seen the news on the internet, but the internal staff has already come out to accuse Su Bei of sending the package!”

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