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Chapter 712: The Ten Times Su Bei Hurt Fang Yourong

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Lu Hang was drenched in sweat after barely dealing with everything.

It was indeed not easy being an actor!

Lu Hangs acting was not bad, so Su Bei did not notice any problems.

She only felt that the pair of colleagues were helping each other and were quite friendly.

“Youve already prepared something to clarify things for me I even told Brother Yue Ze to find some time to come over and go through the documents with me.”

Lu Heting nodded.

“Didnt you say that youll let me be your temporary manager for the next two months Ill take care of your matters.”

“Lu Heting, youre really amazing!” Su Bei felt that her husband was really an all-rounder.

He could do anything and everything.

Lin Yu was going to slip away.

It had only been a few days since he last met her but Su Bei had already completely fallen for that mans tricks.

He didnt want to see any more PDA.

“Lin Stone, where are you going” Su Bei noticed that he was leaving.

“Im going to find someone to eat hotpot with.” After all, it was frustrating to watch their PDA.

Su Bei shrugged.

“Alright, then.”

“With Lu Heting around, do you still have the heart to care about me” Lin Yu walked away resentfully.

Su Bei looked away.

“Lu Heting, what information do you have Do you want me to take a look”

“No need.

Just lie down and rest.

No matter who did this to you, they wont escape so easily.” Lu Heting had finished reading the information and was prepared.

Su Bei patted the bed.

“Since you have nothing else to do, you should quickly go to sleep.”

“Ill just sit next to you.” Lu Hetings eyes darkened.

The hospital bed was too small for him…

“I told you to come up, so come up.” Su Bei reached out to pull him back.

“How can you rest well while sitting I want you to come lay with me and well video call Da Bao to reassure the two children.”

Lu Heting could only follow the womans request and get on the bed.

Su Bei got closer to him, took out her phone, and called Da Baos WeChat number.

Lu Heting then realized that the two of them didnt occupy much space together.

That night, the internet was still abuzz with rumors about Su Bei hurting Fang Yourong.

One by one, the news spread like wildfire.

A post titledThe Ten Times Su Bei Hurt Fang Yourong compiled all the matters between Su Bei and Fang Yourong.

It was published on the internet for people to read.

The number of readers had reached tens of millions.

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The delivery companys staff also saw that Fang Yourong was seriously injured and that Su Bei was being accused.

Out of righteous indignation, they used the internal system to investigate the delivery information of the package that caused Fang Yourongs allergy.

He took a screenshot and posted it online.

“The person who sent the package was indeed Su Bei! At most, I wont work for this company anymore.

I choose to expose her evil deeds! She triggered Fang Yourongs allergy and caused her to fall off a cliff and get injured! I really cant imagine that a beautiful woman would be so vicious!”

Everyone immediately went to look at the screenshot from the delivery companys internal system.

When they saw Su Beis name, they were all agitated.

“Anyway, this is all I have to say.

Ill firmly boycott Su Beis movie!”

“As someone with a conscience, I also object to Su Beis actions.”

“I really like Su Bei, but if she hurt Fang Yourong, the education Ive received over the years tells me that I shouldnt be supporting such a criminal.”

Many people felt conflicted..

They liked Su Bei but also had a conscience.

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