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Chapter 710: Calls MeBrother

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[Su Beis actions have basically been confirmed.

Didnt you watch the video Su Beis wires were fine, but Fang Yourongs wires had long come loose.

The two of them fell together, but Su Bei is still fine while Fang Yourong is seriously injured.]

[Thats right.

I heard that Fang Yourong fainted on the spot.

I dont know if she hit her head.]

[Sigh, although Im a fan of Su Bei, I really cant stand on her side regarding this matter.]

All sorts of things pointed toward Su Bei.

It was no wonder that the outside world was treating Su Bei this way.

At that moment, Lu Hang also realized that there were a lot of hate comments on the internet directed at Su Bei.

He then realized that Mr.

Lu came to the hospital because Young Madam was injured.

However, it was strange that the news of Young Madam being injured hadnt appeared on the internet when Mr.

Lu started feeling unwell.

How did Mr.

Lu sense it so accurately

Could this be the so-called telepathy between couples

“Its a good thing Young Madam didnt get hurt too badly.

God has really blessed her!” Lu Hang pointed at his chest and prayed.

Otherwise, Mr.

Lu, this iceberg, would freeze everyone around him to death.

However, the criticisms online were really hard to deal with…

Lu Hang was scrolling through the page on his phone when a delicate figure walked past him and headed straight for the third floor.

“Hey, you cant go up to the third floor.” Lu Hang stopped him.

The person who came was Lin Yu.

When he heard that Su Bei was injured, he rushed over without stopping.

Being stopped by Lu Hang naturally made him unhappy.


“Nobody can go over.” Lu Hang blocked him.

Lin Yu glanced at him and seemed to recognize him.

“Youre one of Lu Hetings men”

Lu Hang did not expect him to know him.

“Since you know, you should be aware.

You cant go over.”

“Im Su Beis brother.

Lu Heting has to respectfully call meBrother when he sees me.

Are you stopping me” Lin Yu looked at him in disbelief.

Lu Hang suddenly remembered that he had indeed seen him with Young Madam before.

He suddenly said, “Got it, Mr.


This way, please!”

Wasnt this change of attitude a little too fast Lin Yu looked at him with disdain.

How could Lu Hang be unhappy How could he stop Young Madams family

After being with Mr.

Lu for so long, he finally understood that nothing was more important than Young Madam, even if it was Mr.

Lu himself!

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Therefore, he immediately led Lin Yu to Su Beis ward and knocked on the door.

“Lin Yu is here.”

“Come in.” Lu Hetings voice came from inside.

Lin Yu pushed the door open and walked in.

Lu Heting was feeding Su Bei porridge gently.

Even though Su Beis dislocated arm was not a problem, Lu Heting still took care of her meticulously.

He had to help her with things like eating and going to the washroom.

He did not let Su Bei experience the slightest trouble.

“My eyes!” Lin Yu really didnt expect the two of them to be so intimate in such a short time.

One was gently feeding the other while the other ate contentedly.

They were simply not in the same world as the others.

“Why are you here” Lu Heting raised an eyebrow at Lin Yu.

Clearly, this loyal assistant of his love rival made Lu Heting very unhappy.

Lu Hang was shocked..

Wasnt this Young Madams brother Why was Mr.

Lu acting like this Should he not have brought him in

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