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Chapter 706: I Can Only Stop When Im Point

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If she hadnt made her allergic, she wouldnt have come to the hospital.

If she hadnt come to the hospital, she wouldnt have discovered that she had gastric cancer…

Yes, so everything was Su Beis fault.

It was all Su Beis fault!

Fang Yourong picked up her phone and called Director Guo Feng.

“You want to shoot tomorrow” Director Guo Feng asked, “Are you sure”

“Director Guo Feng, theres nothing wrong with my body.

Tomorrows scenes will be filmed with a mask, so the problem with my face can be temporarily covered.

I dont want to waste too much of the production teams time, so…”

“Alright then, you can come over tomorrow.” Director Guo Feng agreed.

It was true that there had been a lot of delays during this period but the investors had relaxed their requirements.

However, the money spent on stopping work was still a huge waste.

It seemed that Fang Yourong had some sense of responsibility.

The assistant asked worriedly, “Sister Yourong, are you really going to shoot”

“Of course.” Fang Yourong clenched her fists.

“Some things have to be done before you die, right”

The assistant felt that there was something wrong with her mental state, but he could only look at her blankly.

As for Tang Yue, after she got into the car, she thought to herself,Fang Yourong knows that shes going to die soon.

I wonder if shes smart enough to drag Su Bei down with her.

Unfortunately, there were some things that Tang Yue could not say aloud, so she had to stop when it was appropriate.

After receiving Director Guo Fengs request to return filming, Su Bei rushed over early the next morning.

Director Guo Feng explained the situation to her and said, “Is that okay with you”

“No problem,” Su Bei immediately replied.

Since Fang Yourong could do it, there was naturally nothing she could not do.

As for the incident regarding the package, Lu Heting would handle it.

Everything was fine.

Fang Yourong walked over.

She had changed into her costume and was wearing a mask, so her face could not be seen clearly.

However, there was fatigue in her eyes.

This scene required her to look as such, so everyone thought it was normal.

“In this scene, because of Ni Huangs identity being questioned by the public, shes not trusted by the people of the Great Xiao Empire.

In the end, she was forced to jump off a cliff.

Hua Yingrong hid her identity and secretly came to help her, but it was all for naught.

Therefore, shell be wearing wires.

Well film outdoors.

Everyone must be prepared.”

Director Guo Feng said.

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“No problem.” Fang Yourong nodded.

“Im fine with that,” Su Bei chimed in.

By the time they reached the filming location, Su Bei got ready to wear the wires.

The corners of Fang Yourongs lips lifted into a smile.

It was a smile filled with bitterness and malice.

Because it was covered by a mask, no one could see it.

Director Guo Feng shouted, “Prop team, check the wires!”

“No problem!”

“Everyone, be on your toes.

When Su Bei jumps down from here, you have to hold on tight.” Director Guo Feng reminded them worriedly.

Su Bei was the treasure he had his eyes on the most.

Nothing must go wrong.

As for Fang Yourong, she was also hung by a rope.

Su Bei was about to fall off the cliff, but she pounced over and missed.

She did not need to fall, so she did not have much equipment on as Su Bei.

After confirming that there was no problem, Director Guo Feng shouted, “Everyone, get into position!”

Ni Huang stood on the cliff, her clothes and hair being blown by the wind.

Her hair covered her desperate and mocking eyes.

“I used to stand in this position and protect the millions of people behind me.

But I never thought that one day, the people I protected would be forced to take this step!”

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