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Chapter 705: Im Unlucky, Yet I Need Someone To Take My Side

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“Tang Yue, go look for Fang Yourong and get to the bottom of this.

I dont believe that they can ruin the Tang familys reputation like this!” Old Master Tang said angrily.

Tang Yue was happy to see Su Bei make a fool of herself.

“Ill go right now.”

Tang Yue had just arrived at the hospital when she saw Fang Yourongs assistant consulting with Dr.

Hu about Fang Yourongs condition.

She could not help but be surprised.

Fang Yourong actually had stomach cancer And it was even late stage

She really did not expect that the radiant Fang Yourong would end up like this.

She wanted to leave immediately.

There was really no need for her to meet a patient with advanced gastric cancer for Su Bei.

However, after thinking about it, she turned around and walked straight to Fang Yourongs ward.

Fang Yourongs assistant had just helped her up and she was now sitting on the bed.

She looked like she had lost her soul.

Tang Yue knocked on the door and the assistant said, “Sister Yourong is not meeting anyone right now.”

“Its me,” Tang Yue said.

“President Tang…” The assistant had no choice but to welcome her in.

Fang Yourong had not recovered from this huge blow and was staring fixedly at a certain spot.

Tang Yue sat down and said, “I came with no ill intentions.

I just heard that something happened to you, so I came to visit you on behalf of the investors.”

Fang Yourong revealed a bitter smile.

“Thank you, President Tang.”

“Rest well.

The production team will be waiting for you,” Tang Yue said.

Wait Fang Yourong thought blankly.

What was the use of waiting

Everything was over.

Everything about her was over.

Why was she sick Why not someone else

Tang Yue patted her hand.

“Su Bei is my younger sister, but I still have to say that shes a little willful.

If she has done something to hurt you, I hope you can forgive her.

Shes just someone our whole family loves so much that she can do whatever she wants.”

‘She does whatever she wants to do, huh Do you think she can hurt me just because she wants to Fang Yourongs heart was completely twisted.

She had a different interpretation of Tang Yues every sentence.

Of course, Tang Yue was saying some things on purpose to provoke Fang Yourong.

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“Rest well.

If Su Bei does anything wrong, Ill go back and educate her.

That girl has stomach ulcers.

My grandfather is afraid that something will happen to her and dotes on her a lot.

Im just afraid that she wont care about the consequences when she does things.

Shes the unlucky one, yet shes dragging someone down with her, so I specially came over.

Seeing that youre fine, Im relieved.” After Tang Yue finished speaking, she said a few words to her assistant and left.

As for Fang Yourong, the blow she received was too great.

An incurable illness, a bright future that she had no choice but to give up, a prosperous world that she had worked so hard to earn but had yet to enjoy…

Why was she the one who was sick and not Su Bei She had done nothing wrong.

She and Su Bei were both suffering from stomach ulcers, but she was the one with bad luck instead

Su Bei, Su Bei, everything was Su Bei!

Tang Yues words rang in her ears: “Shes the unlucky one, yet shes dragging someone down with her.”

Thats right.

Su Bei was unlucky and wanted to drag her down with her, making her unlucky.

Was it…

Fang Yourong was full of complaints regarding the heavens unfairness.

It was as if the whole world had let her down.

The one who let her down the most and the one who deserved to die the most was undoubtedly Su Bei!

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