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Chapter 701: Give The Public The Truth

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Sensing Director Guo Fengs dissatisfaction, Fang Yourong was stunned for a moment.

An uneasy feeling rose in her heart.

Did Director Guo Feng hear something

She deliberated over her words.

“Director Guo Feng, I dont know what you mean”

“Yourong, where are you hurt” Director Guo Feng asked.

“This… I dont know either.

I just listened to the doctors diagnosis,” Fang Yourong explained.

She was good at reading peoples expressions and had already noticed that something was wrong.

“That had better be the case.

You should rest now.” Director Guo Feng believed her because he had no evidence to prove that she was not injured at all.

Everyone had different tolerance for pain.

He could not question Fang Yourong just because he was biased toward Su Bei.

After Director Guo Feng left, her assistant sent him out.

She was shocked when she saw many reporters and paparazzi at the door.

When the reporters saw the assistant, they immediately rushed over.

“Whats going on with Fang Yourongs fake injury”

“Did Fang Yourong do it on purpose Does she have a grudge against Su Bei”

“Please accept an interview and tell the public the truth!”

The assistant returned to Fang Yourongs side in a panic.

Fang Yourong had already picked up her phone and turned it on.

In order to have a good rest, she did not intend to care much about anything, so she previously turned off her phone.

After she turned it on, all kinds of news related to her came into view.


Hus clarification video was on Weibo.

As Dr.

Hus medical skills were superb, he had a trustworthy character.

When he said that the report was wrong, no one questioned him and no one blamed him either.

The target of the peoples attacks was only on Fang Yourong.

This was also the price that the people in the entertainment industry had to pay.

Whatever happened to them, it would attract more attention than others.

When Fang Yourong saw this piece of news, she could not help but be furious.

“Whats wrong with Dr.


“Ive already discussed things with him.

Who knew that he would go back on his word Isnt he trying to embarrass us on purpose” the assistant said.

Fang Yourong immediately gave a call to Dr.

Hu, who said, “Ive already made a mistake, and I cant continue making mistakes.

I believe that you were also muddle-headed for a moment, so I didnt expose you.

I dont know what your motive is, but no matter what, you cant hurt others.”

Then, Dr.

Hu hung up.


Hu had indeed done his best.

In front of the reporters, he only mentioned his mistake and did not mention Fang Yourong.

Just like how Su Bei had shown him mercy, he had also shown his tolerance to Fang Yourong.

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But obviously, Fang Yourong did not think so.

Fang Yourong gripped her phone tightly and said to her assistant, “In that case, announce that Su Bei caused me to have an allergic reaction.”

The matter had already blown up.

If she did not retaliate, Su Bei would just be stepping on her.

Everything happened because of Su Bei.

She would not give Su Bei this chance.

The paparazzi and reporters had gone past the hospitals security and waited outside the VIP ward for Fang Yourong to appear.

The security guards quickly rushed over and wanted them to leave.

However, just as the reporters and paparazzi were about to be chased away, the door opened and Fang Yourong was pushed out in a wheelchair accompanied by her assistant.

It was impossible for the reporters and paparazzi to leave now..

They immediately surrounded Fang Yourong and asked her sharp questions.

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