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Chapter 700: Becoming A Coward

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If Dr.

Hu did not take action, he would do it for him.

After returning home from the hospital, Su Bei changed her shoes and clothes and went straight to the kitchen.

“Let Aunt Chen do it.” Lu Heting hugged her.

“Its rare for me to have time to rest.

How can I not personally cook to reward my temporary manager” Su Bei smiled at him.

Lu Heting buried his head in her shoulder.

“Then Ill accompany you.”

“Okay, but stand here obediently and dont move.” Su Bei took his hand.

“Ill show off my skills to you today!”

Looking at the radiance in the womans eyes, Lu Heting could not help but smile.

It seemed like nothing was difficult for her.

She was full of passion and confidence, just like how she treated everything in life.

This made him want to love her even more.

Su Bei felt her waist being hugged by the man and pouted.

“I told you not to disturb me… Mhm…”

The man lowered his head and kissed her.

Compared to food, he felt that she was more delicious.

Fang Yourong was lying in the VIP ward, enjoying the warmth and care.

She had worked hard for many years, and there were not many times she could relax like this.

In the outside world, the blame was naturally pushed to Su Bei.

The production team would not rush her.

Instead, they could only visit and show their concern for her.

At this moment, however, everything was changing.


Hu stood in front of the paparazzi and reporters near the hospital and bravely admitted his mistake.

“Previously, the report that Fang Yourong received was wrong.

She doesnt have any external injuries, only gastric problems and an allergic reaction.

“As her attending physician, Ive made a grave mistake.

I hereby solemnly apologize to her and everyone else.

Im willing to answer all of your questions.”


Hus words undoubtedly overturned all the misconceptions from before.

The paparazzi and reporters immediately released the news and obtained more evidence from the hospital, such as Fang Yourongs medication and her actual diagnosis.

Suddenly, Weibo was in an uproar.

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[So Su Bei didnt injure Fang Yourong Su Bei didnt hurt anyone]

[Where are the people who swore that Su Bei was going around hurting people They were loud when they scolded others, but now theyre hiding like turtles]

[It turns out that the doctor made a wrong diagnosis.

I was just saying that no one can push someone to the point of vomiting blood.

That doesnt even happen in fantasy novels.]

[It seems that we have wronged Su Bei.

I wonder what Fang Yourong will say about this]

[Could it be that Fang Yourong did it on purpose Shes old, so its normal for her to be jealous of Su Bei.]

[Fang Yourong is a victim too.

Dont be suspicious of others.]

But no matter what, the tables had turned.

Su Bei was no longer accused of beating someone up.

The insults and doubts crumbled when placed in front of the correct medical record.

Director Guo Feng personally went to the hospital.

At this moment, Fang Yourong and her assistant had yet to find out that Dr.

Hu had made a clarification to the reporters.

“Director Guo Feng!” Seeing Director Guo Feng coming over, the assistant hurriedly put a mask on Fang Yourongs face.

Fang Yourong also smiled and said, “What brings you here Im a little scared.”

“I came to see if the injury Su Bei gave you is really that serious.”

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