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Chapter 70: Chapter 70 She Will Become a Low-end Model Sooner or Later

If Su Bei didnt choose either way, she had to go back home.

But this idea made her extremely disgusted.

Once she escaped, she would never want to go back.

She tightly balled her hands into fists until her nails dug into her palms and got into the car.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan stood there and watched the car drove away slowly.

However, neither of them noticed that after Su Beis car left, several other cars followed behind.

Inside those cars were all strong bodyguards arranged by Lu Heting to protect Su Bei all the time.

There were also two lawyers from Lu Group with them.

They were there to make sure that she wouldnt have any problems when it came to legalities.

Su Huixian called Su Xingfu and Du Luo respectively.

“Su Bei has already given up.

After tonight, she should be back to the Su family.”

But she only said it to comfort Su Xingfu and Du Luo, so they wouldnt think too much.

Deep in her heart, she hoped that Su Bei would really go to the ribbon-cutting ceremony that would ruin her reputation and not go back to the Su family.

Everything in the Su family should only belong to her, not to Su Bei.

Su Bei soon arrived at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of the KTV.

A small number of her fans appeared in the audience.

But they were not there to support her but to question her.

They wanted to know why she was so short-sighted that she even gave up Orisa Fashion Show just to take part in such an event.

At first, they thought that it was misinformation.

Maybe it just so happened that the model invited by that low-grade KTV to their ribbon-cutting ceremony and Su Bei had the same name.

But now that they saw Su Bei standing in front of them beside the stage, they were so disappointed.

They felt that they would not believe her anymore.

Standing below the stage, they crowded together and scolded loudly, “Su Bei, how short of money are you Why do you have to betray our trust just for this event”

“Su Bei, from now on, I will not pay attention to your news anymore.”

“Su Bei, you gave up on yourself.

You dont deserve anyones love and support.”

Several people hired by Qiu Minxuan joined the crowd and also said, “Dont you know that Su Bei used to like this kind of activity before She only wants money.

She doesnt deserve your love at all.”

“Do you think she is really capable She didnt even dare to appear on the international fashion show because she was afraid of being defeated.

Just wait and see.

To make money quickly, she will become a low-end model sooner or later.”

Those fans who really liked Su Bei got so angry that they threw the posters they made on the ground.

Su Bei just listened to all of them silently.

Instead of hatred, what she felt was relief and gratification.

She was gratified to know that her fans really cared for her.

With such fans supporting her, how could she allow herself to be knocked down by this little difficulty

The KTV company was already preparing.

One staff came over with a set of revealing clothes and handed them to Su Bei.

“Go and change now.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is about to start.”

She glanced around and saw the so-called models in revealing clothes and with heavy makeup.

Obviously, they were here only to entertain some men.

This was not a fashion show at all.

It was clearly a despicable, immoral, and even illegal event.

Su Bei took the clothes, but she didnt go to the dressing room.

Instead, she walked over to the host.

When the host saw her approaching, he excitedly said, “Today, Su Bei, who is known asThe Beacon of the National Models, is here to join us in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of our KTV.

Now, our star has a few words to say.”


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