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Chapter 697: Find Out The Truth

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“Theres no need, Grandpa.

I have a manager and assistant.

If you do this, how should my cousin do her job Cousin is also your granddaughter.

You love me, but you cant be too biased,” Su Bei said with a smile.

That was true.

Tang Xinru was in charge of Su Beis work.

Tang Xinru might not be happy with Old Master Tangs interference, and Su Bei would also feel that he was interfering.

“Then just tell me whenever you need something.”

“I know, Grandpa.” After Su Bei hung up, Yue Ze called.

When something like this happened to Su Bei, he, as her manager, had to take care of it.

Su Bei originally wanted Yue Ze to investigate the matter, but she changed his mind and said, “My husband is already looking into things.

You dont have to do anything for now, Brother Yue Ze.”

“Im sorry.

I was so busy with my mothers health that I couldnt be there when you did the scene in front of the media.”

“The person you should feel sorry for isnt me.

I wont be working for the next two months.

You should accompany the mother and son well,” said Su Bei.

Right now, Lv Shan and her son were the ones who needed to be taken care of the most.

Yue Ze was stunned for a moment.

He knew that Su Bei was right.

Lv Shan had given birth but he wasnt by her side.

In the next few days, he had to put in more effort.

After Su Bei finished speaking, she had already made up her mind to investigate the matter thoroughly.

Besides, she already had some clues.

Lu Heting also saw the news and immediately called Lu Hang over.

“Prepare the car.

Were going to the set!”


Lu, I just found out that the production team of Young Madams movie has stopped work.”

“Have you checked who the injured person is” Lu Heting picked up his clothes with a frown.

“Its confirmed that the injured person is Fang Yourong.

Young Madam is fine and has already gone home.”

Knowing that it was Fang Yourong who was injured and Su Bei was unharmed, Lu Hetings tightly knitted brows relaxed.

What mattered was that Su Bei was fine.

When something happened, there would always be a solution.

Lu Hang stood at the side and thought to himself that it was fortunate that he wasnt Young Madams opponent.

Looking at Mr.

Lus attitude, it didnt matter if someone died.

However, Young Madam losing even a strand of hair would make Mr.

Lus heart ache for a long time.

When Lu Heting returned home, Su Bei was on the phone with Xiao Bai.

After she finished her call, Lu Heting reached out and checked her shoulders and arms.

Su Bei could not help but laugh.

“What are you doing”

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“Seeing if youre hurt.”

“No, Im fine!” Su Bei smiled and looked at him.

“I didnt expect you to have time to look at Weibo.”

“Of course.

But I only read your news.

Whats up with that woman”

Su Bei told Lu Heting, “I didnt hit her, but Director Guo Feng says that she needed seven days to recover from her injuries.

So I asked Xiao Bai to help me find out why she was admitted to the hospital.

When we were filming previously, I saw that there was something wrong with the skin on her face.

Maybe she was admitted for that reason…”

“In other words, she might have needed to take leave since the start but the production team obviously couldnt wait that long for her, so she used you to achieve her goal” Lu Heting easily summarized Fang Yourongs motive from Su Beis words.

“Youre so smart.

Thats exactly what Im trying to say.”

“In that case, shell definitely bribe the doctor..

It might not be easy to investigate.”

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