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Chapter 694: Allergic Reaction…

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Zhou Yao continued to fan the flames and worsen Fang Yourongs suspicions: “But Su Bei has the Tang family backing her up.

Does she still need to use such methods to snatch the role from you”

The assistant said, “Zhou Yao, what do you know Sister Yourong went through many auditions before she was selected to be the female lead.

As for the investors, its not just the Sheng family.

Old Master Tang can decide Su Beis position as the second female lead, but he cant directly decide the female leads position.

But if Sister Yourong quit due to allergies, wouldnt Su Bei naturally become the female lead”

Fang Yourong agreed with what the assistant said.

This was indeed the case.

Therefore, she must not let Su Bei take away her female lead role.

“I dont need to make a big deal about my allergies yet.

Fortunately, I have my medication to stabilize the situation.

Ill see the doctor tonight.”

“But your face…” Zhou Yao reminded her.

“This kind of allergic reaction can usually go away in seven days.

It just so happens that Ill be masked for my scenes today and theyre also scenes with Su Bei.

Since Su Bei wants to harm me, I dont mind giving her a taste of her own medicine…”

Fang Yourong came up with a plan.

‘Su Bei, you want to chase me away Youre still too inexperienced!

Fang Yourong changed into her costume, put on her veil, and walked out.

Because she had to wear a veil for todays scene, she didnt attract the attention of the crowd.

Director Guo Feng shouted, “Yourong, get ready to start filming!”

Fang Yourong nodded and stood with Su Bei.

Su Bei was very close to her and noticed that there seemed to be a problem with her skin under the veil.

She kindly asked, “Sister Yourong, are you going to shoot now or do you want to rest for a few more minutes”

However, Fang Yourong thought that she was provoking her.

She raised her chin and said, “Of course were filming now!”

“Okay, Im ready too.

Lets begin.”

Fang Yourong coldly looked at Su Bei.

‘Ill let you suffer!

“All departments, get ready!”

“Filming is about to begin!”

“Fang Yourong, get ready!”

“Su Bei, get ready!”

“Two Phoenixes, act 17, scene 23, action!”

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This scene was of Ni Huang being exposed as the princess of the Hun Nation and instantly becoming the target of public criticism.

She wanted to find out the truth behind her identity, so she had to enter the Imperial Palace to investigate.

However, she was no longer the princess of the Great Xiao Empire, so she could not enter at will.

Thus, she chose to barge in at night.

At this moment, Hua Yingrong, who was already married to Xiao Jing, felt sorry for Ni Huangs plight.

She felt sorry for her ruined life, so she wanted to help her.

However, she was unable to make a public appearance.

Hence, she could only wear a veil and quietly follow behind her.

Ni Huang noticed Hua Yingrong and immediately stopped in her tracks.

Just as the two of them were locked in a fierce battle, the guards of the palace discovered their whereabouts and came over.

“Its the enemys princess, Ni Huang! The emperor has ordered that anyone who sees Ni Huang shall kill her without mercy!”

Ni Huangs eyes flashed with hurt.

“Lets go!” Hua Yingrong whispered to Ni Huang.

“I knew it was you!” Ni Huang had already figured out her identity after the fight, but it was too late to leave now.

Hua Yingrong immediately said to Ni Huang, “Take me as a hostage.”

Ni Huang immediately grabbed her throat and threatened the guards, “All of you, retreat!”

Hua Yingrong also said, “Im Princess Consort Jing.

If you dare harm a hair on my head, even ten heads wont be enough to compensate! Stand back!”

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