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Chapter 690: Worth Watching Another Hundred Million Times

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“Oh, so many people are reposting it.” The assistant couldnt help but laugh.

“I wonder how bad Su Beis acting skills were that everyone is ridiculing it and reposting the video In the future, therell be a new meme!”

Fang Yourong agreed with her assistant.

It must be because the netizens are all ridiculing Su Beis performance, which is why theyre constantly reposting the video.

She was also very curious about how badly Su Bei had embarrassed herself.

Fang Yourong stretched out her finger and casually clicked on the video.

She watched it with a bored look.

But after just a few glances, Fang Yourong could not help but sit up straight.

She had many years of acting experience, so how could she not know how Su Bei did today

Her gaze that conveyed the emotions of the character and shaped the character fully displayed her talent and ability as an actress.

She was shocked that Su Bei had such an ability!

And these were things she had spent many years before finally comprehending and grasping it.

Su Bei actually did it on her first shoot.

Hence, all these reposts were not because of ridicule as she had imagined.

Instead, it was the crowds shock and amazement.

The expression on Fang Yourongs face became tense.

The assistant was about to continue mocking Su Bei when he saw her expression.

He quickly lowered his head in fear and did not say anything else.

“Hows the situation” Old Master Tang asked Tang Yue.

Tang Yue held onto her phone and was momentarily stunned.

Clearly, Su Beis popularity and the comments she was receiving did not match her expectations.

Although the reporters that she had arranged were still slandering Su Beis acting skills, the truth was the truth.

Everyone had eyes, and the truth was not something that could be changed with a few words.

“I dont know much.

Just show me the most popular video and comments,” Old Master Tang said to his assistant.

He was mentally prepared for Su Bei to be scolded.

He also wanted to know how bad these netizens mouths were.

In the stormy entertainment industry, he would provide shelter for Su Bei.

The little princess of Sheng Tang would never be humiliated like this.

After today, he would bring Su Bei back and not let her have the chance to be criticized.

The assistant opened Weibo and directly read out, “My Su Bei is really too good.

She directly proved to those who doubted her and made them shove their words back into their mouths!

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“I have to say, Su Beis fighting scene is straightforward and clear.

Her acting is of very high standards.

I love it!

“Its killing me.

Its really worth watching another hundred million times!

“Su Beis acting is really godly.

Her teardrops have directly fallen into my heart.

“Mom asked me why I was kneeling and watching the video.

Its because I wanted to ask Su Bei if it was hard on her.”

When Old Master Tang heard this bunch of online comments, he didnt quite understand what they meant, but he understood the key point.

“These people are saying that Su Bei acted well”

“Old Master, not only did she act well but she did a really outstanding job! To be honest with you, Ive secretly watched it seven or eight times.” The assistant scratched his head in embarrassment.

“Quick, show it to me, show it to me!” Old Master Tang immediately snatched the phone from his assistants hand and clicked on the video.

When he saw Su Beis acting, his old face could not help but be stunned.

He was sweating for Ni Huang inside.

When he saw Ni Huangs beautiful counterattack, his heart finally settled.

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