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Chapter 689: Control Yourself

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“F*ck, then those flying kicks just now were all real Su Bei is really a genius!”

“I dont dare to say that Su Beis decision to switch careers was a mistake anymore.

Shes the pearl in the entertainment industry.”

Director Guo Feng was really relieved.

As the director who thought the most highly of Su Bei, he had to be supported by his sponsors.

Now that Su Bei had displayed her best acting skills in front of everyone, who could say anything else

“Post the scene today online,” Director Guo said to his assistant.

He was afraid that the reporters would edit the clip to manipulate things.

However, he was overthinking it.

Although Tang Yue did bribe some of the reporters present, most of them were fair and just.

Su Beis scene had completely won them over.

Now, everyone was talking about Su Beis godly acting skills.

They did not have the heart to defame her.

The assistant ran towards Director Guo Feng.

“Zhou Yao and the rest seem to be injured, but its not serious.”

“Let the doctor take a look at them,” Director Guo Feng said.

He had clearly seen the slap Zhou Yao gave Su Bei.

Therefore, he had no sympathy for the three of them.

At this moment, Zhou Yao and the other two were still in a daze.

They really did not expect Su Bei to perform so well in this scene.

The three of them not only had their acting skills completely crushed, but they also didnt manage to hit Su Bei as expected.

Instead, they were kicked to the ground and couldnt get up for a long time.

They felt like their ribs were almost broken.

At that moment, Director Guo Feng walked toward Su Bei without saying anything.

He patted her on the shoulder.

It was obvious how much he valued her.

Because Fang Yourong had applied for leave and did not come today, Su Bei could rest after filming this scene.

She changed her clothes and ran out.

Lu Heting was waiting for her in the car.

Just now, he was watching from the corner.

When he saw Su Bei being beaten up, he was furious.

However, for the sake of Su Beis future and for her to prove her ability in front of the public, Lu Heting forcefully resisted the reluctance in his heart as well as the urge to smash the place on the spot.

It was only when he saw that she had injured those who hit her that he relaxed and stopped biting his lip.

When Su Bei returned to the car, Lu Heting hugged her tightly.

“I did it!” Su Beis voice was brimming with joy.

“Yes, I saw everything.” Lu Heting held her cheeks and looked at her slightly swollen face.

“Ill accompany you to the hospital.”

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“Its alright, its not a big problem.

I knew Zhou Yao would make a move, so I was prepared.

Furthermore, I took my revenge on the spot.

Those three might need some time to recover from their injuries.”

Even so, Lu Hetings heart still ached.

He asked Lu Weijian to go to Lu Hu International Villa and get the family doctor to prepare ointment.

Lu Heting meticulously applied the ointment on her and asked Aunt Chen to brew some soup to nourish Su Beis body.

Only then did he feel slightly relieved.

As for Fang Yourong, she was putting on a facial mask at home while waiting for the good news on the internet.

“What else can Su Bei say this time” Fang Yourong gently patted the corners of her eyes and said, “Im afraid her role will have to be given to Zhou Yao.”

“Of course.” the assistant agreed as he opened Weibo.

When he opened Weibo, he saw the video of Su Beis performance today..

Almost everyone who watched it couldnt help but repost it.

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