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Chapter 687: Extremely Heavy-handed

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Ni Huang, the character played by Su Bei, was originally the princess of the Great Xiao Empire and she was also a general who led troops.

But she did not expect her true identity to be exposed when she returned to the capital to get married after she came back from the war with the Hun armies.

She was actually the princess of the Hun Nation.

The Hun Nation had won the war because of the traitors betrayal.

Ni Huang was questioned by the entire court and despised by all the citizens.

The once high and mighty female general had her military power taken away and her marriage was annulled.

Her title as a princess was no more and she was reduced to a prisoner overnight before being sent to the borders.

This scene was the scene where Ni Huang was sent to the borders and given a hard time.

The actors playing the other roles in this scene were Zhou Yao, Zhong Xiu, and Zhu Fenfen.

The three of them already had a plan in their hearts.

Not only did they have to suppress Su Bei in this scene, but they also had to show their faces and make their names known in front of the media to gain popularity.

All the departments were ready.

Director Guo Feng shouted, “Action!”

The filming officially began.

Ni Huang wore ragged clothes and shackles as she moved forward.

The skin on her face was cracked and disfigured.

Her feet were also covered in blood and mud, filled with wounds and blisters.

Some of the men who saw her felt sympathy and admiration for her.

Only then did they give her a little water to drink.

Occasionally, they would release her shackles and let her relax.

Zhou Yao, Zhong Xiu, and Zhu Fenfen played the daughters and maids of the rebel generals of the Great Xiao Empire.

Ni Huang had lost her power, and the rebel generals she had personally killed in the past were said to have been framed by her.

They were on opposing sides.

That was why these women were following Ni Huang.

They wanted to take revenge.

Under the scorching sun, Ni Huang took the canteen and took a few big gulps.

Her movements were urgent, as if she had been thirsty for water for a long time, yet she maintained a gentle elegance.

No matter what, she was the princess of the Great Xiao Empire who had received the most excellent education.

Just as she was eagerly drinking water, a woman beside her rushed over and kicked the canteen in Ni Huangs hand away.

She scolded, “Youre drinking water Do you know that because of you, there are many who cant drink water anymore”

Ni Huang looked up.

Her eyes were calm, indifferent, and decisive.

She maintained her silence, as if she didnt want to lower herself to the level of such a person.

“Eldest Young Lady, theres no need to waste your breath on her.

Let her pay with her life!” Zhong Xiu, who was acting as a servant, said.

Zhou Yao, who was playing the role of the eldest miss, stepped forward and gave Ni Huang a tight slap.

“This is for my father!”

The slaps in the movies were usually done in a way so that the slaps wouldnt actually land on the actors faces.

However, Zhou Yao had been waiting for this moment for a long time, so she was especially heavy-handed.

The pleasure on her face was obvious.

The next second, blood seeped from the corner of Su Beis lips and she was lying on the ground, looking very weak.

This mouthful of blood was merely the blood bag that had been prepared for Su Bei.

Knowing that they were going to attack her, she had to act pitiful.

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This scene shocked all the reporters present because Su Bei was really acting too well.

She did not have any lines and her clothes were tattered.

However, everyones eyes were glued to her.

Zhou Yao was dressed beautifully, but her lines and actions seemed to be surface-level only.

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