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Chapter 686: Even More Embarrassed

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Those people were Zhou Yao, Zhong Xiu, and Zhu Fenfen.

They were not convinced that Su Bei could play Ni Huang.

They each had a few minutes of screentime.

If they were selected to act with Su Bei and outshone her, it would be a good opportunity for them to gain popularity and fame.

Director Guo Feng said to the reporters, “Everyone, I asked everyone to come to visit today because I want everyone to see the situation in our production team and the actors acting skills.

In a while, the actors will start acting.

Please calm down and wait by the side.”

“Wheres Su Bei Why dont we see her” someone asked.

“I dont know, shes not here yet.”

“Could it be that shes afraid”

“With so many people around, its inevitable for her to be nervous.

But to be honest, whether shes nervous or not, she might still perform poorly.”

“Anyway, lets wait and see.”

Director Guo Feng was also a little worried, not because of Su Beis acting skills but because Su Bei was not in a good mood when she left yesterday.

He asked his assistant beside him, “Have you arranged the scenes”


Well do one scene with Su Bei and Fang Yourong, and one of Su Beis group scenes.

These two scenes will test her acting skills, and theyll be good for everyone to see Su Beis strength,” the assistant said.

“But Director Guo Feng, do you really want Su Bei and Fang Yourong to act together”

“Why Are you afraid that Su Bei will be in a disadvantageous position” Director Guo Feng asked.

He specifically chose this scene to prove to Old Master Tang that even if Su Bei were to act with an experienced actor like Fang Yourong, Su Bei would still be able to withstand it.

After Su Bei arrived in Lu Hetings car, she went straight into the dressing room.

With Lu Hetings company, she was in a good mood.

Soon, she was dressed and her hair was done.

When she walked out, Fang Yourong had not come yet.

The directors assistant told Su Bei, “Sister Yourong said shes not feeling well and asked for leave.

She cant do a scene with you today, so you just have to do the group scene.”

Xiao Bai could not help but ask, “Why was she fine all the other days except today”

“Were not too sure about that.”

Xiao Bai said to Su Bei, “Fang Yourong is going too far.

She just doesnt want to act with you in front of the reporters because if she does well, theres nothing to brag about.

Other people wont praise her at all.

They only think that with her status, its only natural for her to have good acting skills.

On the contrary, if she doesnt perform well, itll be a tragedy on earth and she wont have the face to see anyone.”

It had to be said that Xiao Bai was groomed by Yue Ze, so she was quite accurate when it came to analyzing situations.

She had completely seen through Fang Yourong.

Fang Yourong did not want to act with Su Bei and even gave up a chance to show her face in front of the reporters.

“Zhou Yao is enough to deal with Su Bei.

Let them act.

I dont want things to get too ugly.” Fang Yourong was doing a facial mask at home.

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The assistant, who was beside her, said, “Thats right.

The moment you appear, youll definitely crush Su Bei.

By not going, youre being kind to Su Bei.”

Therefore, Su Bei had to change her makeup for the group scene.

After she changed her clothes and came out, no one recognized her.

It was because she was dressed in rags and her makeup was messy.

She looked extremely terrible.

The reporters did not expect Su Bei to have to make such a huge sacrifice for her character..

For a moment, they could not help but change their opinion of her.

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