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Chapter 681: Ill Go On My Own

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When Old Master Tang saw Director Guo Feng, he only had one goal—make him give up on Su Bei.

He would solve the problem from the source.

Old Master Tang offered an additional investment on the condition that he changed the second female lead role.

Although Director Guo Feng was not willing to do so and argued strongly, telling Old Master Tang about Su Beis excellent performance, Old Master Tangs attitude was firm.

“As the biggest investor in this movie, if you dont replace Su Bei, I can only replace you.” Old Master Tang was very direct.

Director Guo Feng thought for a while and said, “Okay, I understand.”

When he returned, Su Bei was putting on makeup.

Director Guo Feng walked up to her and said in a heavy voice, “Su Bei, you dont have to do it anymore.”

Su Bei replied, “But I still have another scene.

Ill be done soon.”

“You need to leave the cast.” Director Guo Feng was heartbroken that he had to replace Su Bei.

However, this was an internal matter of the Tang family and he had no right to interfere.

Su Bei stood up as a coldness flashed in her eyes.


“You cant keep up with our overall pace and are incompatible with the entire crew, so… Im really sorry.” Director Guo Feng was unwilling to use such words to hurt a talented actress.

However, Tang Yue had warned him not to say the truth and hurt the relationship between Old Master Tang and Su Bei.

Therefore, Director Guo Feng could only use the cruelest method to persuade Su Bei to leave.

“I understand.

Ill leave now.” Su Bei changed her clothes and took a wet wipe to wipe off her makeup.

In her heart, she knew that things werent as simple as they seemed.

Director Guo Feng wasnt someone who would make such decisions like this.

Besides, things were fine the previous few days of filming.

The rumors and pressure from the outside world were things Director Guo Feng should have considered long ago.

It should be within his tolerance.

Director Guo Feng looked at Su Beis back and felt very regretful.

Back then, he had tried his best to persuade Su Bei to come and film his movie.

Now, he had to personally say that she should leave.

He gave her hope and made her fall to the greatest despair.

After Su Bei left, she immediately called Yue Ze.

“Brother Yue Ze, I want you to help me check if anyone from the Tang family has met up with Guo Feng in the past two days.”

“Ive already received news from the crew asking you to leave.

Ill go investigate it immediately.” Yue Ze knew that things were not that simple.

Soon, he sent Su Bei a message: [Old Master Tang and Tang Yue met up with Director Guo.

Su Bei, why dont I get President Tang to discuss this matter with them]

[Its alright.

Ill go myself.] Su Bei drove straight to the Tang family.

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Seeing Su Bei return, the family was naturally very happy.

After so long, Su Bei had only returned once and it was on Old Master Tangs birthday.

“Su Bei, sit down.

Ill get the kitchen to prepare dinner.” Lin Shulian was busy preparing dinner.

“No need.

Ill leave after I see Grandpa,” Su Bei said.

Lin Shulian hurriedly shouted, “Butler, bring Young Miss to see Old Master.”

Su Bei followed the butler upstairs.

Old Master Tang was giving Tang Yue some tips on her work.

When he saw Su Bei, he stood up with a smile and said, “Su Bei, you came at the right time.

Your sister and I just happened to talk about you.

Come and sit down.”

“Grandfather, I came to look for you about something.” Su Bei did not sit down.

There was a slight look of indifference on her expression.

Her heart, which was just warmed up, turned cold again.

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