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Chapter 68: Chapter68 Pay One Million Yuan for the Breach of Contract

With a spatula in her hand, Su Bei strode to the living room and kissed Gun Gun on the cheek.

“Bei Bei, Daddy too! We are family, right Daddy must be tired from work, so you should also kiss him.”

Lu Heting looked at Gun Gun and thought inwardly,Good boy! He was glad that the little boy had kept in mind what he said.

Su Beis face flushed.

She was not that familiar with Lu Heting, and she didnt want to have too much contact with him.

Gun Gun held her leg and urged her to give Lu Heting a kiss.

Left with no choice, she tilted her head, leaned over, and touched her face to Lu Hetings face, making sure that her lips didnt touch him.

But her hair that swept across his face sent a ripple in his heart.

Su Bei turned around and went back to the kitchen.

Gun Gun looked at Lu Heting with a proud expression on his face.

It was as if he was expecting a compliment, so Lu Heting touched his head affectionately.

Lu Heting never thought that one day, he would rely on his son to pursue his wife.

When all the dishes were ready, Gun Gun and Lu Heting sat at the dining table.

Gun Gun picked up his chopsticks obediently, picked up a piece of spicy basa fish, and put it in his mouth.

It was hot and spicy, but he couldnt stop eating even if his little mouth had already turned red.

“When did you start eating spicy food” Lu Heting stared at him.

He always had a light diet, and Gun Gun had been following him.

“Just now,” Gun Gun replied, picking up another piece of fish.

Basa fish was boneless, so Su Bei specially bought it for Gun Gun.

She made two dishes from it.

The one with light flavor was for him, and the spicy one was for herself.

But she didnt expect that he would pick the spicy one.

Beads of sweat had already started to come out of his forehead, but he still didnt stop eating.

Upon realizing that they had the same food preferences, she picked food for him and ate happily.

After dinner, Gun Gun devoured the mango pomelo sago.

When he got full, he played for a while.

Then he took a shower and climbed into Su Beis big bed.

Su Bei was about to go to her room to join Gun Gun when Lu Heting suddenly asked, “Are you busy with the show”

“Yes, I have contacted their director, and he agreed that I can be the substitute,” she replied confidently.

“Do you have any difficulties” he asked again.

His voice was steady and powerful, making people feel that he was always trustworthy.

With a confident smile, she sat down and said, “I already have a plan to replace Su Huixian in the show.”

Lu Heting felt particularly proud upon hearing her answer.

This was definitely his woman!

“Is everything ready” He had actually planned to do everything for her.

But seeing the confidence on her face, it seemed that she didnt need him anymore.

He somehow felt a little disappointed in his heart.

But all of a sudden, a tinge of embarrassment surfaced on Su Beis face.

Lu Heting became excited at once.

His deep-set black eyes stared at her, hoping that she would ask something from him.

However, he soon realized that he shouldnt be thinking like this.

So he coughed lightly to ease the embarrassment in his heart.

“My father signed a ribbon-cutting ceremony for me.

But the schedule conflicts with Orisa Fashion Show.

Today, I went to inquire about the company, and I found out that it was not a decent one.

It is actually a KTV that would reopen after renovation.

This was their previous ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

Su Bei took out a photo and handed it to Lu Heting.

In the photo, the so-called models were all barmaids in the KTV.

They dressed very little, flirting with the people around.

They were not real models at all.

A trace of anger flashed across Lu Hetings deep-set black eyes.

“If I dont show up in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, I have to pay one million yuan for the breach of contract.” A hint of bitterness appeared on Su Beis face.


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