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Chapter 677: Su Bei Is Too Average

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“Im guessing shell just read out numbers when its time for her to do the lines and itll be dubbed in post-production.”

“If it were Sister Zhou Yao, she would probably easily outperform Su Bei!”

Zhou Yao stood at the side and couldnt help clenching her fists.

She had been thinking about acting as Ni Huang for a long time.

She was indeed confident that she could beat Su Bei!

However, while they were discussing, they did not know that the cameraman had already recorded every close-up shot of Su Bei.

The emotions in her eyes were very immersive.

There was clearly not much she could do in this scene, but in Su Beis eyes, there was doubt toward the people who came to welcome her and worry for the soldiers behind her.

It was an expression that only appeared when a general was constantly on guard.

When she observed that the people who came to welcome them had no ill intentions, the farther she walked, the more her eyes revealed the joy of returning home.

These were the delicate expressions that actors could give if they had a good understanding of the script and the character.

As there were very few close-up shots in this scene, most of them were from afar, so the director did not have any requirements for this specific part.

However, Su Bei still accurately expressed the characters thoughts.

The cameraman could not help but sigh in admiration.

Director Guo Feng also noticed this and sighed in his heart.

This womans future was limitless.

Luckily, he had pulled her into the movie.

Otherwise, her talent on the runway would have been wasted.

When the filming was over, the crew members were full of joy.

From their professional point of view, Su Bei would be able to take on this role.

It would just depend on Su Beis performance in the later stages and her skills in delivering her lines.

Those who were rejoicing in Su Beis misfortune were not professional to begin with.

They only cared about nitpicking, so how could they see the exquisiteness of Su Beis acting skills

“Not bad.

Keep working hard.” Director Guo Feng was afraid that she would be proud, so he only encouraged her and didnt praise her.

The others felt that their thoughts were right.

Even Director Guo Feng gave such a plain evaluation, which meant that Su Bei was too average.

Fang Yourong, who was at the side, did not look closely at Su Beis scenes.

She thought in her heart that this was good.

Su Beis role would probably not outshine hers.

Two phoenixes could also be used to refer to Hua Yingrong and Ni Huang.

However, it looked like Su Bei would really have nothing to do with it.

After Su Bei finished filming, she was done with her scenes for the day.

When she saw Fang Yourong sitting at the side, she only nodded at her and left.

Su Bei had given up on testing Fang Yourong.

She could tell that Fang Yourong was not an easy woman to deal with.

That woman did not want to accept her kindness at all.

If it werent for the fact that this matter concerned her life, Su Bei wouldnt have bothered.

When she got home, she took out the test report.

She took photos of it then printed it out.

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Seeing how busy she was, Lu Heting stood behind her and asked, “What are you busy with”

“Printing my misdiagnosis report.

Fang Yourong has a bad temper, so I dont want to communicate with her anymore.

Ive already sent her my personal information, so Ill quickly hand this to her.

If its really her, she should be able to understand everything after seeing this..

If its not, she can just ignore it.”

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