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Chapter 672: Control Everything About Su Bei

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Their doubts about Su Bei became doubts about Guo Fengs professionalism.

It could be said that the entire venue agreed with the reporters questions because the reporters had voiced out what they were thinking.

Since Guo Feng was the one who insisted on choosing Su Bei, he had naturally mentally prepared himself.

He waited until the reporters voices became softer before saying, “I chose Su Bei naturally because Im confident shes up for the task.

This movie of ours is filmed not only for fans but also for tens of millions of viewers who truly love movies.

Its also filmed for our ideals.

Therefore, everyone need not doubt my choice.

Regarding Su Beis performance, we can wait and see!”

“What about you, Su Bei What prompted you to enter the film industry when you found success on the international modeling stage after finishing the four major fashion shows”

Su Bei smiled.

The confidence in her eyes caused the reporters to be slightly stunned.

She indeed did not have any acting skills, but her smile and aura seemed to be in sync with the decisive General Ni Huang.

“Because I like Ni Huang, and I like this story even more,” Su Bei said frankly.

Hence, when Guo Feng presented her the contracts for both the female protagonist and the second female role, she chose Ni Huang, the latter.

The second female character had a complicated personality and more difficult scenes, while the female lead only needed to dress beautifully and strategize in the harem.

Because of Su Beis imposing manner, the reporters questions became much gentler.

Finally, the press conference ended smoothly.

Tang Yue angrily called Tang Xinru.

“Why didnt you tell me that Su Bei is acting in Two Phoenixes”

“Why should I tell you” Tang Xinru asked in amusement.

“Investing is the investment departments decision.

The casting of an artist is the director and the crews matter.

You dont want me to report all of Su Beis schedule to you, do you”

Tang Yue was rendered speechless.

Subconsciously, she wanted to control everything about Su Bei.

But why Because shes her sister

[Su Bei will be acting in the movie Two Phoenixes.

Shell be playing the second female lead!]

[A temporary career shift or a complete change in career Why did Su Bei choose to be in the movie]

[To hell with integrity, popular female artists will soon dominate the big screen!]

[How terrifying! The film market has been infiltrated by investors.

One of the ten sins of the countrys film market is casting actors unsuitable for the roles.]

After Su Beis role as Ni Huang was released, it caused dissatisfaction in everyone.

Some marketing accounts even reached a collective climax.

They made it seem that Su Bei had committed a heinous crime and implicated the entire film industry of S Country.

She wanted to use her own strength to drag the entire film industry down into the abyss.

Fang Yourong and Pei Chaos fans were the most dissatisfied.

They went around telling the film crew and Guo Feng about it, warning them to fire Su Bei immediately.

Otherwise, the fans would collectively boycott this movie.

They would definitely not let Su Bei be involved in this movie.

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[An actor is an actor, an idol is an idol, and models walk the runway.

Everyone has their own job.

Su Bei, arent you being a little greedy]

[Dont think that you can earn money from the film industry..

Its not easy to survive in the film industry, and its not a place where you can earn quick money.

Do you think you can act in a movie as easily as walking the runway You must be joking!]

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