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Chapter 668: Change Battlefields

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“If we change battlefields, itll be more dangerous.” As a manager, Yue Ze had to consider a lot of things for Su Bei.

“Do you think Su Bei doesnt know that Danger and opportunity coexist.

Su Bei can enjoy as much fame as she can endure any slander.

Also, if you really want to worry like an old father, then you should just quickly come back.

You might really become a father soon,” said Lv Shan.

Yue Zes heart skipped a beat.

“Youre about to give birth Gosh! Ill make arrangements as soon as possible!”

This time, Su Bei returned with praise but rejected all new offers.

The outside world was abuzz with discussion, but none of them were too worried.

They felt that Su Bei was merely resting after enjoying great success, or waiting for her value to soar higher.

She must have re-evaluated her value and no longer casually accepted activities.

They believed that Su Bei would quickly consider what to do next.

The local media also looked forward to Su Beis return.

Su Beis achievements were the highest in the modeling industry and she had reached the pinnacle of the entire supermodel industry.

On Stars rankings, she had already climbed up to first place and pulled down the previous first place who dominated the rankings for three years.

Therefore, the media were all curious about Su Beis recent situation and wanted to interview her immediately.

However, when the reporters rushed to the airport, they only saw Yue Ze and Xiao Bai return.

Su Bei was nowhere to be seen.

After standing at the peak of the world, Su Bei seemed to have become invisible and disappeared in front of everyone.

No matter how many people were shouting for her, she did not respond.

Yue Ze and Sheng Tang Entertainment would only release a series of stunning photos from time to time.

At this moment, on the streets of America, a young woman was holding the hand of a little boy with a solemn expression.

She was holding candied hawthorns in one hand and walking forward excitedly.

The little boy looked at the young woman lovingly and helplessly as he followed her.

When they reached home, Su Bei opened the door of the apartment and said, “Ill play games with you later.

Fun, right”

“Very good.” Da Bao finally smiled.

Although Su Bei was a noob when it came to games, it was still fun to play with her.

“Ah!” Su Bei opened the door and was shocked by the man sitting in the living room.

She smiled.

“Lu Heting!”

The mans cold expression was forced back by gentleness when he saw the mother and son pair.

The corners of his lips curled up as he caught the woman who pounced on him.

He hugged her back.

Da Baos expression was gentle.

He liked to see Xiao Bei happy.

“I miss you so much, hubby!” Su Bei kissed Lu Heting hard.

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If not for Da Bao, Lu Heting would have already pulled her into his arms.

As a father, he cared about Da Baos feelings and reached out to carry him as well.

Da Bao was awkward and didnt like to be carried by others.

However, he didnt break free and let Lu Heting carry him.

Lu Heting lowered his gaze and said gently, “Were going back together this time, right”

“Yes.” Da Bao nodded.

“But I also said that Id play games with Da Bao.

Lu Heting, why dont you come too” Su Bei lifted her head from his embrace.

Lu Heting took out his phone.

“Come on.”

Su Bei tossed the phone to Da Bao..

“Go and log in! Ill go get food and drinks! You two cant trick me! You have to guide me.

Dont play any tricks!”

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