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Chapter 663: Beautiful As A Chinese Painting

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Old Master Tang sighed.

“Young people these days like to be free, unlike our generation.

Look at all my grandchildren.

Theyre all busy with work and are unwilling to think about their own lives.”

Someone laughed.

“Isnt today a good day for this Old Master Tangs granddaughters arent married yet, and Mr.

Du doesnt have a girlfriend either.

They happen to be from families of equal social statuses…”

Old Master Tang patted his head.

“Thats true.

Jinghao, come to Grandpa Tang.

Our families are really fated.

Your father has worked with me for many years.

We have a chance to improve our relationship.”

Old Master Tang drank some wine and became more excited as he spoke.

None of his children were willing to fall in love or get married.

It gave him a headache.

He had a few old friends by his side, as well as a few great-grandchildren.

He immediately made an agreement with Du Guoshou to ask Tang Yue out on another day.

The reason why he thought of Tang Yue first was that Tang Xinru valued work more and was more mature.

She had also met Du Jinghao before, so if she really wanted to be with him, she would have done it long ago.

As Su Bei was still young and had just returned to the Tang family, Old Master Tang could not bear to part with her.

Tang Yue was the most suitable person.

Hearing that Old Master Tang was talking about Tang Yue and not Su Bei, Du Jinghaos eyes dimmed.

However, he could not refute him on the spot, and he could not disregard Tang Yue at this time.

Du Jinghao evaded the topic before things settled down.

His gaze fell on Su Bei for a long time.

Su Bei did not think much of these things.

She now had Lu Heting and two sons.

They were enough.

Seeing that Old Master Tang did not mention anything about having her go on a blind date, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She sat next to Old Master Tang with fruit juice in her hand and thought about Da Bao and Gun Gun with a relaxed expression.

The more relaxed she was, the more natural she seemed.

Her beautiful temperament was especially prominent.

The crowd was noisy.

In Du Jinghaos eyes, Su Bei was as beautiful as a Chinese painting.

Su Bei did not notice Du Jinghaos gaze, but Tang Yue did.

Displeasure surfaced in her heart.

She immediately agreed to Old Master Tangs arrangement.

Yes, as long as it was Su Beis, she would snatch it.

Du Jinghaos family was the best right-hand man in Tang Corporation.

Why should she give this benefit to Su Bei for no reason

The birthday banquet lasted until very late.

Su Bei was really tired.

After tonight, Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian were even more satisfied with their daughter.

Lin Shulian invited Su Bei to stay at the Tang familys residence.

“Su Bei, its getting late.

If you go back now, Im afraid it wont be very convenient.

Why dont you stay at home tonight”

“Its alright.

Id better go back.” Su Bei refused.

“Then let Dad drive you” Lin Shulian quickly pushed Tang Jianming in front.

“Dad had too much to drink, so it wont be appropriate.

My manager will come over.

Dad, Mom, you guys should rest early,” Su Bei finally spoke up.

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Hearing her finally address them as her parents, Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian couldnt help but show a hint of gratification as they sent her out.

Su Bei quickly disappeared from their sight.

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