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Chapter 651: A Mere Artist

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Tang Yue snorted.

So that was the case.

However, since Su Huixian was a guest, there was no need for her to show her attitude.

She smiled and said, “Then, I welcome you.

Miss Su, you dont have to be polite.

Treat this place as your home.”

“Thank you, Miss Tang.” Seeing that Tang Yue was not very enthusiastic, Su Huixian used this as an excuse to return to Du Luos side.

Today, she, Du Luo, Du Luos uncle, aunt, and cousin were attending tonights banquet together.

Du Luo and she were not the main guests, so there was no need for them to go around greeting each other.

After chatting with the hosts for a while, Du Luo returned and stood beside Su Huixian.

Su Huixian asked softly, “I heard that Old Master Tang is going to acknowledge his granddaughter tonight.

I wonder who she is Did you hear anything from your side”

Du Luo shook his head.


But no matter who it is, its the Tang familys family matter.

We just need to welcome her when the time comes.

We dont need to care about things that have nothing to do with us.”

“Thats true.

But if we know who it is, we can make more preparations.”

The so-called preparations meant that they would make friends with her earlier.

However, Du Luo was a man and did not like to gossip about such things.

Otherwise, he could have asked around more.

Su Huixian did not dare to order him to go find out, so she gave up.

As she was thinking, Tang Xinru walked in.

She looked valiant in her formal attire.

Even on such an occasion, she did not wear a dress.

Her personal style was so strong that it was hard to ignore.

“President Tang is here.”

“Xinru is here.

Shes still as beautiful as ever.”

Tang Xinru walked in, and after exchanging greetings with everyone, she told her assistant, “Go see if Su Bei is here.”

She was worried that Tang Yue would cause trouble for Su Bei, so she wanted to be prepared.

Su Huixian was close by and heard Tang Xinrus instructions.

Jealousy and hatred flashed across her heart.

“Su Bei is indeed coming tonight! It seems like Tang Xinru is really willing to support her.

Shes just an artist, yet shes attending a family event like this.”

When Du Luo heard Su Beis name, he couldnt help but be slightly stunned.

The things that Su Bei revealed last time, especially the things about her being sent to the orphanage, were actually things Du Luo didnt know about.

It was because Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin used to say that Su Bei went to her maternal grandmothers house or a summer camp, which was why she wasnt home for a period of time.

Du Luo was convinced when he heard their explanations.

It was only now that he knew how much damage Su Beis parents had done to her.

He also knew that on the surface, Su Bei was elegant and unrestrained as if she didnt care about anything.

However, she was an insecure person in reality.

However, he never paid it any attention back then…

Just as he was thinking about it, Su Huixian clung to his arm and leaned against him.

Du Luo had no choice but to retract his thoughts.

Su Huixian was not involved in Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqins mistakes.

Su Huixian could not choose her parents, after all.

Therefore, even though he knew that he had let Su Bei down, he could not hurt the innocent Su Huixian anymore.

He forced himself to stop thinking and patted the back of Su Huixians hand.

Lu Heting drove Su Bei over and stopped the car when they were almost at the Tang familys residence.

This was her first time at the Tang familys home..

Old Master Tang wanted to arrange for a chauffeur to pick her up, but she rejected him because she wanted to spend more time with Lu Heting.

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