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Chapter 650: Bringing In Bad Habits

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Lu Hetings words were deeply etched in her heart.

Su Bei had never heard this song before, so she did not know the lyrics.

Now that she suddenly heard the song, she finally understood how deep and passionate Lu Hetings words were.

At that time, she didnt understand and thought that he was no different from anyone else…

Su Bei retracted her gaze and looked at Lu Hetings face.

In the flickering light of the fireworks, his cold facial features appeared especially distinct.

His eyes were especially deep and unfathomable.

They exuded a fatal attraction.

Sensing the womans gaze, he turned to look at her.

Su Bei said in a low voice, “Lu Heting, find a place to park.”

“Alright.” He did not ask for the reason or what she wanted to do.

As she was the one who made the request, there was nothing he could not do for her.

The car stopped steadily on the tree-lined street.

Su Bei unbuckled her seatbelt and jumped into his arms.

Lu Heting held the woman firmly.

Su Bei whispered in his ear.

Lu Hetings Adams apple moved, and his eyes were filled with intense desire.

He kissed the womans lips…

Everything was happening in the darkness of the night.

After two days, it was time for Su Bei to visit the Tang family.

Old Master Tang specifically chose this day because he didnt want Su Bei to be too formal and reserved on New Years.

He chose today so that it would be more peaceful.

Because Old Master Tang was also celebrating his birthday today, there were a lot of guests.

The Tang family was a well-established family whose members were rich and powerful, so most of the guests present were of high status.

Some relatives of the Tang family were discussing in low voices, “I heard that Old Master Tang has been so happy lately because he found the granddaughter he lost back then.

Hes bringing her back today to let her meet everyone.”

“I heard some rumors too, but I dont know who this child is.”

“I heard shes quite famous, but I dont know who she is.

After all, the Tang family is a big family.

I wonder if they did a DNA test”

“I dont know.

I dont know anything about it.

Its also uncertain if the child who had been wandering outside all this while has picked up any bad habits Will she bring them into the Tang family The Tang family is very strict.

If the child has really learned bad things outside, shell end up bringing trouble to the Tang family.”

“Exactly, exactly.”

Tang Yue, who was holding a glass of red wine, could not help but smile when she heard these discussions.

What kind of family was the Tang family Would Su Bei be able to stay here When she returned, she would probably be crushed by the gossip.

If her parents hadnt insisted on Su Bei coming back and her grandfather hadnt rushed to look for Su Bei, how could she have had the chance to come back

As she was thinking, Su Huixian walked over and said, “Hello, President Tang.”

“Miss Su” Tang Yue did not expect Su Huixian to be here.

Su Huixian did not have a good reputation now.

Tang Yue did not remember giving her an invitation, nor did she recall the Tang and Su families sharing a good relationship.

Su Huixian saw through her suspicions and said with a smile, “My fiances uncle has some business dealings with the Tang family.

Thanks to Uncles invitation, Du Luo and I came to attend the old masters birthday banquet..

Weve really troubled you.”

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