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Chapter 65: Chapter65 Impressive Manner at Such a Young Age

“You can handle it.” Lu Heting was not interested at all.

He didnt take a mere hacker seriously.

Lu Groups technology department already had all kinds of hackers with extraordinary skills and capabilities.

Such a hacker was nothing more than icing on the cake.

Whoever that hacker was, he didnt need to meet him or her in person.

“Okay, Ill see the person then.” Lu Weijian rushed downstairs to wait.

He believed that this hacker was the most likely to break into Lu Groups financial system over the years.

This hacker was far more skilled than him and almost as skilled as Lu Heting.

So he was really curious about who this person was.

Such a person was incredibly clever.

And the safest and assured choice was to have this person work for them.

Lu Weijian had gotten impatient.

He had been waiting for a long time, but no one came.

Finally, he said to his assistant, “Hong Jie, go and wait for the person Ive invited.

Let me know as soon as he or she arrives.”

Hong Jie didnt dare to waste any more time.

He waited at the entrance of the company.

After a while, a little boy wearing a formal suit stood at the gate of Lu Group.

He looked calm and indifferent, without even the slightest trace of childishness.

He looked up and glanced at the magnificent Lu Group building.

Then after glancing at the name on the invitation letter, he walked in.

Hong Jie took a look at the little boy, who was exuding a very cold aura.

He felt a sense of familiarity, but he couldnt remember where he had seen this boy before.

He was deep in thought when the little boy walked past him.

Da Bao went straight to the front desk and said, “Hello! Im looking for the person in charge of the technology department.”

When the receptionist heard such serious and formal words from a childs sweet voice, she couldnt help but stand up.

After clearly seeing Da Baos appearance, surprise was written all over her face as she exclaimed, “Wow, such a handsome boy! Little boy, are you alone Wheres your father”

The receptionist thought that such a good-looking boy must also have a very handsome father.

“Hello! Im looking for the person in charge of the technology department,” Da Bao repeated.

He was a little annoyed to see the receptionist gawking at him.

He had seen this expression so many times already.

From the United States to S Country, people always reacted this way every time they saw him.

Now he didnt even bother to smile perfunctorily.

“Handsome little boy, you cant just go in here casually…”

Da Bao slapped the invitation letter on the counter.

He was of short stature, but he acted in a very imposing manner.

The receptionists eyes widened in shock.

She picked up the invitation letter and took a look at it.

Indeed, it was from Lu Group.

She immediately got out of the counter and said, “This way, please.”

The receptionist didnt know where he had gotten the invitation, but he had it.

And he also showed such an impressive aura, so she decided to let him in.

She even took him directly to the technology department.

At this moment, they met the vice executive manager.

Seeing that the receptionist was walking in with a little boy, he asked, “Whats the matter”

“Vice Manager Chen, this boy has an invitation letter from our company.

He wants to meet the person in charge of the technology department.

So I brought him here.”

Vice Manager Chen looked at Da Bao up and down.

He was so amazed to see a very handsome boy with an impressive manner at such a young age.

But he wondered why a child wanted to see Lu Weijian.

It was strange.

“You can go back to your work now.

Ill take care of him.” Vice Manager Chen invited Da Bao to have a seat.

He also sat down and asked, “Whats your name, and what are you doing here”


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