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Chapter 648: Butler, Send The Guest Out

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When Lu Heting walked in, everyone was staring at him intently.

He walked in with a cold aura, causing everyone present to tense up.

They did not see Su Bei and Da Baos figures, only him alone.

The elders immediately looked displeased.

He was the only one who came back on such days.

Although Lu Heting had already explained to them what the reason was, the elders could not help but feel unhappy and felt that it was because of Su Bei.

Gun Gun ran toward Lu Heting and was pulled into his arms.

The father and son did not speak, but there was a quiet intimacy between them.

It wasnt appropriate for Mrs.

Lu to chide her son in front of Liao Xintong, and it was even more inappropriate for her to talk about Su Bei and Da Bao.

She only smiled and said, “Heting, youre back Quickly sit down and eat! It just so happens that Xintong is here too.”

It was only then that Lu Heting noticed that there was someone else in the house who didnt belong here.

She was standing there in a dignified and gracious manner.

She seemed a little timid, which made his eyes narrow.

Why was she here today

Lu Hetings expression turned cold as he pursed his lips into a straight line.

“Butler, lets eat.” Mrs.

Lu pretended not to see her sons expression.

Lu Heting didnt even take off his jacket and said, “It seems like its not convenient for us to entertain guests on such a day”

“Shes not a guest…” Mrs.

Lu wanted to defend Liao Xintong.

Liao Xintong was very sensible and said, “Mr.

Lu, Im just here to visit my elders and Gun Gun.

Ive also brought some gifts to express my sincerity, so I wont stay any longer.

I wont disturb you any further.

Ill visit you another day.”

She was taking a step back in hopes that the elders and maybe even Lu Heting would take her attitude into consideration and persuade her to stay.

However, Lu Heting did not think that way despite all the scheming she had in her heart.

He really meant what he said.

He would never lie to Liao Xintong.

“Butler, send the guest out!” Lu Heting said coldly.

Liao Xintong was taken aback.

She did not expect Lu Heting to be so unreasonable.

It was snowing heavily and she had already come, yet he still said such a thing…

Her eyes were filled with resentment and forbearance.

Unfortunately, Lu Heting did not even spare her a glance.

Her fake emotions were wasted.

“Happy New Year, everyone.

Goodbye.” Liao Xintong was still very sensible.


Lu wanted to have Liao Xintong stay, but she knew that it wasnt appropriate, and she didnt want to fight with her son on such a day.

She could only watch as Liao Xintong left.

Lu Heting took off his jacket and handed it to the butler.

Without waiting for the elders to speak, Lu Heting said, “Ive already told you guys a few days ago that Su Bei will be busy during this period.

Thats her job and she really cant take leave, so Im greeting everyone on her behalf.

If theres nothing else, lets eat.”

“What about Da Bao” Old Master Lu asked angrily.

“Da Bao needs to visit Su Beis family.” Lu Heting nodded.

Old Master Lu was speechless.

Lu Weijian chimed in, “Thats right.

My sister-in-law didnt just jump out of a rock.

She has a family too.

Its not unreasonable for Da Bao to visit her side of the family.

Grandpa, have some soup.

Come, come.

Dont we still have Gun Gun”

“Great-grandfather, have some soup,” Gun Gun said obediently.

Seeing how smart and sensible Gun Gun was, Old Master Lu couldnt be angry anymore.

He said kindly to Gun Gun, “Be good.

Ill drink the soup.”

Only then did the whole family eat.

Seeing that Mrs.

Lu was still unhappy, Lu Weijian said in a low voice, “In my opinion, its right that my sister-in-law didnt come back.

Shell be upset if she were to see Liao Xintong here.

That woman didnt know whats going on and came to our house at this time.

Its good enough that my brother didnt leave upon seeing her.”


Lu was so angry that she wanted to knock him on the head.

He quickly picked up some food and placed it into Mrs..

Lus bowl.

“Eat! Eat!”

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