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Chapter 64: Chapter 64 Kiss Each Other

The next day, Aunt Chen came over after breakfast.

She was a helper of the Lu family, and she worked in Lu Hu International Villa for a very long time now.

But last night, Lu Weijian arranged for her to come here.

However, he warned her about many things.

She was not allowed to ask too many questions or talk a lot, and she should pay attention to a lot of matters.

Aunt Chen was a smart woman, so she did what Lu Weijian ordered.

But she was surprised when she saw the apartment.

She didnt expect that Lu Heting would move to such a small place.

An apartment with three bedrooms and one living room was not small for ordinary people.

But what about Lu Heting

He was the head of Lu Group.

A young master who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He was born and raised in a villa.

How could he move to such a small apartment

It could be said that the smallest house owned by the Lu family was at least five times bigger than this one.

However, Aunt Chen didnt dare to say or ask anything.

As soon as she saw Su Bei, she hurriedly stopped and greeted, “Young Mistress.”

Su Bei couldnt help laughing.

Was it really common for hourly helpers in Jingdu City to call their female employers this way

“Aunt Chen, just call me Su Bei.

I heard that Gun Gun hasnt started going to school yet, so please take care of him during the daytime.”

“Yes, Young Mistress…” Aunt Chen paused when she saw the expression on Lu Hetings face.

Then she quickly said, “Yes, Miss Su.”

Still, she didnt dare to call Su Bei by her name.

Su Bei didnt insist on it either.

She just took her handbag and was about to go out.

But before she could step forward, Gun Gun held one of her legs tightly.

“Bei Bei, you havent kissed me yet.”

“Oh, okay.

Come here.

A kiss here and here.” After kissing both of his cheeks, she said, “Wait for me to come home.”

“Ill drive you there,” Lu Heting said and picked up the car keys casually.

“No, its okay.

You have to pick up Mr.

Weijian, right I can go by myself.

Just drive carefully.” Su Bei then walked out of the apartment in a good mood.

Lu Heting closed the door, turned to Gun Gun, and said solemnly, “You and Bei Bei are not the only ones who can kiss each other, understand”

“Who else then Do you want me to kiss you too” Gun Gun widened his cute eyes and grudgingly pouted his full lips.

“We are a family of three.

Each of us should kiss each other.”

Gun Gun suddenly realized something.

He shook his head in refusal and said, “No way! Bei Bei is my wife.

She cant kiss you.”

“But if Bei Bei cant feel the warmth of family love, she will ask us to move out.

Do you think you can still marry Bei Bei then” Lu Hetings serious expression was the most suitable for threatening.

It surely worked.

Gun Guns little face immediately wrinkled.

“No, I dont want to move out of here.”

“You know what to do then.” It was Lu Hetings way of stopping the topic coldly.

He then went out of the apartment and drove to the company.

From the underground parking, he took the elevator exclusive only for the CEO and went straight to the top floor of Lu Group.

Lu Weijian came over and shouted, “Brother! How are you getting along with Su Bei Is Gun Gun disturbing you How about I take him back so you and Su Bei can have a private moment together”

“Lets get down to business.” Lu Heting pinched his eyebrows.

If not for Gun Gun, it was impossible for Su Bei to invite him to live there so quickly.

It was precisely because of Gun Gun that she let her guard down and accepted him.

So Lu Weijians idea was totally bad.

“Business Oh, yes! That skilled hacker has agreed to come here.”

Lu Weijian said excitedly, “The monster is about to show up.

Brother, are you interested in seeing him or her”


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