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Chapter 637: Too Far

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Su Bei held Lu Hetings hand.

It was broad, strong, and warm.

If she could choose, she would rather stay with him.

Lu Heting held her hand in his and kissed it gently.

Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Tang Xinru smiled and told Su Bei, “It happens to be Grandfathers birthday that day.

Grandfather is very happy that youre coming back.

He has already invited quite a number of guests, so Ill help you push off all your work for the next few days to give you some time.”

“I wonder what Grandfather likes” Su Bei asked.

“After Grandpa got older, he started to like calligraphy.

He had a good upbringing and his family has a lot of calligraphy works,” Tang Xinru said sincerely, “But what good calligraphy works can we find If you can find some decent ones, thats already good enough.”

Su Bei understood.

After finishing her work, she went straight to a calligraphy shop.

In this day and age, it was not easy to find a shop that sold quality calligraphy works.

Su Bei followed her memory.

She had been here before and was able to find plenty of genuine antiques.

Before she arrived, two customers were already in the shop.

The two customers happened to be Su Huixian and Liao Xintong.

Because the two of them couldnt stand Su Bei, they were on the same side.

Although Su Huixian did not have a good reputation and was the daughter of a mistress, she still had the Su and Du families wealth.

After the incident, Du Luo had not abandoned her.

Although her reputation was poor, Su Huixian did not suffer much.

The Liao family was a rising star in the business world, and they relied on Lu Group to make a name for themselves.

Hence, the two parties did not despise each other and came here to buy some calligraphy works.

“Huixian, who are you giving this to” Liao Xintong asked.

“An elder.

Thats why I want to buy something better.

I know that youve done some research on this, so I dragged you out to come shop with me.

It wont take up too much of your time, right”

This simple sentence was enough to flatter Liao Xintong.

Liao Xintong smiled and said, “You asked the right person.

I often come to this shop, so Ill definitely help you choose the best gift.”

However, Su Huixian never mentioned who she wanted to give it to.

She was too embarrassed to mention it because she planned to give the present to Old Master Tang of Tang Corporation.

Neither she nor Du Luo had much to do with the Tang family.

She had tried to climb higher than Sheng Tang Entertainment in the past but failed.

However, Du Luos uncle and his family, who left home a few years ago, had returned.

Unexpectedly, this uncle had become rich and had business dealings with Tang Corporation.

This time, it was rumored that Old Master Tang was going to acknowledge his granddaughter on his birthday and had invited many guests.

Du Luo had also been invited by his uncle and was able to follow along.

Naturally, Su Huixian would not let go of such an opportunity.

She wanted to climb up the high branch of Sheng Tang Entertainment.

Although Sheng Tang Entertainment was not much bigger than Su Huixians Qian Yu Entertainment, Tang Corporation was an established super-rich family.

The Du and Su families were not comparable to them.

Naturally, it was worth Su Huixians effort.

However, because her relationship with Old Master Tang was a little too distant, she didnt want Liao Xintong to laugh at her in private..

Hence, she only said that he was an elder and didnt specify who it was.

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