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Chapter 634: I Will Never Bear To Argue With You

Su Bei and Lu Heting returned to their residence.

She took out her necklace and told him about Feng Cheng.

“Look, he could repair my necklace with just some random tools.

Hes really capable.

In the future, he definitely wont have a problem supporting himself by relying on his craftsmanship.”

“That would be for the best.” Lu Heting nodded.

When Su Bei returned home, she immediately took off her shoes and lay on the sofa.

She gently sighed.

It felt good to be home.

It felt good to have her own home.

It felt good to do whatever she wanted.

Lu Heting lifted her up and looked at her cute face seriously.

Su Bei burst out laughing.

“Is there something on my face”

“Today, you wanted to rent a house.


Weijian thought that we had quarreled.

I think Ill never bear to quarrel with you.” Lu Heting thought about this possibility seriously.

He definitely wouldnt let what Lu Weijian said about what usually happened in novels become a reality.

He would not let Su Bei suffer.

Su Beis small face was covered by her hair that was as thick as seaweed, which made her look even more fair and petite.

“I cant guarantee it, but Ill try my best not to.

If theres anything, lets just talk it out, okay”

“Yes.” Lu Heting enjoyed the feeling of being an ordinary couple.

It was as if they had been working together for a long time and knew each others thoughts.

They could understand each others efforts.

Su Bei cupped Lu Hetings face and looked at him seriously.

“Hubby, I really miss Da Bao.”

“So youre looking at me as a substitute” Lu Heting pretended to be unhappy as he held her head.

“Well, you two look so alike.

But at this time, I still feel that… kissing you is more important,” Su Bei said and kissed his cold but soft lips.

After kissing him, she ran off.

Lu Heting carried her back and held her down.

“Youre leaving after taking advantage of me, huh”

“Who told you not to let Auntie Chen come over You even want me to cook dinner personally.

If I dont go now, what are you going to eat” Su Bei pretended to grumble.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were not around, hence Lu Heting asked Auntie Chen to stop coming to their place in the meantime to do housework so as to not ruin their time together.

Su Bei had no choice but to cook herself.

“Should I ask her to come over now” Lu Heting tapped the tip of her nose, his voice husky.

“No.” Su Bei held his hand as he was about to make a phone call.

She cherished this rare time they could be alone together.

Previously, she had placed all her attention on Da Bao and Gun Gun.

She only had her two sons in her heart.

She had completely neglected her husband who was devoted to her.

Feelings were mutual.

How could Su Bei not understand his efforts It was not that she was unwilling before, but she just did not dare to.

It was time for her to fulfill her duties as his wife.

Lu Heting kissed her and said in a low voice, “Ill accompany you to cook later.”

However, he did not know how long it would take before they would start cooking.

Three days later, Su Bei received a WeChat message from Feng Cheng asking her to accompany him to the place he used to stay and bring back something.

He actually had a place to stay before Su Bei was amazed.

Didnt he not even have enough to fill his stomach

Of course, Lu Heting was worried about Su Bei following that man alone to an unknown place, so he accompanied her there..

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