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Chapter 631: Urgent

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“I saved someone by the roadside today… Well, I cant say I saved him as Im guilty as well,” Su Bei explained the situation.

“So I plan to help him rent a house and have him settle down first.

Due to his age, I dont think I can send him to the orphanage.”

After listening to Su Bei explain the whole story, Lu Heting nodded.

“There should be quite a lot of houses in the neighborhood, so lets get a house for him.

Which hospital are you in Ill pick you up later.”

Lu Heting was worried that the strange man would cling to Su Bei.

That would not be good for her safety.

“Okay, Ill hang up first.

I still have to wait for the property managements call,” Su Bei said.

“Okay, be careful.”

Only then did Lu Heting call Lu Hang over and say, “You can rent an empty house in the neighborhood to Su Bei.

But it cant be in the same building as ours.”

It was because he did not know what that mans motive was, so he had to keep him close by to keep an eye on him but not too close.

Upon hearing this, Lu Hang realized that he was really going to rent a house for Young Madam.

Who was going to stay there Young Madam or Mr.


Lu Hang rushed out to look for Lu Weijian.

Lu Weijian was engrossed in his game and ignored him.


Weijian, this is urgent.”

“Im in a hurry too.

Cant you see that Were about to finish off the opponent!”

Lu Hang said, “Mr.

Lu and Young Madam are about to break up!”

Lu Weijian tossed the mouse away.

“What What What are you talking about”

“I heard that Young Madam wants to rent a new house, and Mr.

Lu agreed to it without even batting an eyelid.

He even specifically instructed me not to let her rent a unit in the same building as shes living in now! Do you think theyre about to break up Otherwise, why would she rent a new house”

When Lu Weijian heard this, he felt that the situation was really serious.

His brother had finally gotten together with his sister-in-law, yet he wanted to break up with her just because of a fight His brother was really too willful!

“Do you know why they argued”

“I dont.” Lu Hang shook his head.

Although he had been with Lu Heting for a long time and knew a lot about his habits, there was one thing that he could not understand about him—his feelings.

He thought that he had figured it out and Lu Heting was doing well with Young Madam.

However, it seemed that something had gone wrong again.

Didnt Mr.

Lu receive a bunch of Lu Beis fan products last time Could it be that Mr.

Lu had already fallen in love with someone else However, he didnt dare to make such claims aloud.

Weijian rolled up his sleeves and said, “Lets go, Im going to find my big brother to settle this! Bullying my sister-in-law No way!”

Lu Hang gave him a thumbs up.

Good job!

After he left, Lu Hang silently prayed for him.

He wondered what kind of temper Mr.

Lu would display later.

As a special assistant, he really couldnt accept such a situation.

It would be best for him to have Mr.

Weijian deal with this matter.

Lu Heting was reading some documents when he heard Lu Weijian knocking on the door and rushing in.

Lu Heting glanced at him and continued with his work.

How old was he already Yet he still couldnt change his impatient nature.

Lu Weijian came to stand up for Su Bei in front of Lu Heting.

However, after standing in front of his big brother, he was instantly terrified.

Everyone who saw Lu Hetings imposing manner could only fantasize about defeating him.


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