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Chapter 628: Fainted From Hunger

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Seeing Su Bei take the necklace, a smile appeared on the mans face.

Then, he tilted his head and fainted.

“Hey!” Su Bei quickly reached out to check his breathing and found that he was still breathing.

She breathed a sigh of relief and quickly called the emergency number.

When they reached the hospital, Su Bei did not leave.

She was involved in this matter, so she had to wait for this man to wake up.

After a while, the nurse walked in with a basin and a towel.

She came out with some muddy dirty water.

After Su Bei went to pay, she saw a few nurses gathered together and discussing something in low voices.

Some of the nurses were blushing with embarrassed looks on their faces.

“Hes so handsome.”

“Yeah, Ive never seen someone like that before.”

“Let me see.

Its true!”

Seeing Su Bei, they dispersed and went to attend to other matters.

Su Bei pushed open the door and almost thought that she entered the wrong ward.

After she exited and looked at the door number, she realized that she had not entered the wrong ward.

But where was that dirty, bloody, and wretched man He was gone!

In his place was a handsome young man with fair and attractive facial features.

He was lying on the hospital bed.

From the scars on his face, one could tell that he was the man from before.

It was as if the nurse had brought in a basin of celestial water that changed the mans appearance.

It turned out that the nurses earlier were gathered here to look at this handsome man.

The doctor said to Su Bei, “The good thing is that the patients wounds are all superficial and he did not injure his muscles and bones.

Hell recover after some rest.”

“But why did he faint”

“Long-term malnutrition.

Maybe… he fainted from hunger.” The doctor looked up at Su Bei.

“Prepare some food for him.”

These days, there were actually people who fainted from hunger.

Su Bei did not expect that someone who was not knocked out by the beatings would actually faint from hunger.

She quickly went out to buy some food.

Just then, the man woke up.

As soon as he woke up, he waved his hands at Su Bei with an anxious expression as if he was telling her something.

“Are you talking about the necklace” Su Bei took out the necklace and held it in her palm.

“Youve already given it to me.

I already took it from you before you fainted.

Dont worry.”

Hearing this, he calmed down and gulped.

Su Bei placed all the food in front of him and said, “Eat.”

He seemed to hesitate for a moment, but looking at Su Beis unfathomable smile, the doubts in his heart dissipated.

He picked up the food and wolfed it down.

Su Bei thought of how she had misunderstood him and felt rather guilty about it.

She got some water and handed it to him.

Without any hesitation, the man drank it with large gulps.

He choked on the water and coughed loudly.

“Its all yours.

Dont panic.” Su Bei reassured him.

She walked a little farther away, not wanting to see him eat and leaving him with enough dignity.

Su Bei waited until he was almost full before returning.

She walked to his side and said, “You were chasing me because you wanted to return the necklace to me, right”

The man nodded.

“Then, those people who beat you up said that you chased their sisters and wives or something.

It must be a misunderstanding, right You wouldnt do something like that.”

Su Bei did not have any evidence.

It was just that this starving man had picked up her necklace but did not demand food.

Instead, he even got beaten up just to give her back the necklace..

It showed that he was not a bad person.

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