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Chapter 624: No Ones Success Came From Nothing

After the reporters were well aware of Old Master Tang and Su Beis identities, they helped clarify Su Beis rumors in the news, proving that she did not do anything wrong and did not rely on her body to climb up the ladder.

However, because Old Master Tang was not from the entertainment industry, the reporters were not allowed to reveal his identity.

Therefore, not many people knew that Su Bei was a member of the Tang family.

On the internet, Yue Ze and Lu Heting had already compiled videos of Su Bei and published them on the internet.

When they were filming the cover of Beauty Magazine, everyone was wrapped up in thick layers in -20 °C weather.

Su Bei filmed in the snow for ten minutes and rolled in the snow for another ten minutes.

Even so, she still had a brilliant smile on her face.

When she was interviewing for the four fashion shows, she worked out at night to prepare for walking on the stage.

She walked on the high platforms, and even though her feet were covered in blisters, she did not make a sound.

When the interview footage was released, it proved how fluent Su Bei was in English when she was chatting with the interviewer.

They smoothly communicated with each other, and she responded to the interviewers tricky questions with interest and politeness.

Yue Ze wrote: [These are all things that Su Bei should do.

Theres no need for us to release these videos to gain sympathy.

However, no ones success came for nothing.

I hope those who are trying to slander Su Bei will all see how serious she is when youre done scolding her.]

Seeing the photo of Su Bei rolling in the snow in a thin dress, the fans were so heartbroken that they almost cried.

“I didnt expect that all the photos from Beauty that we saw were taken like this.”

[Its really not easy.

Why must you slander a woman who works so hard]

[Su Beis performance on stage is really good.

Thats why she was chosen by the four major fashion shows at the same time.

If there really was someone behind her and that was how she got invited by the four major shows, then the industry would have long been taken over by people with connections, okay Do you really think that the four major fashion shows are things you can involve yourself in with just money]

[We support Su Bei! Anti-fans should just retreat!]

The reporters and fans efforts allowed Su Bei to finally gain back some ground on the internet.

Su Bei and Lu Heting followed Old Master Tang into his car.

Throughout the whole process, the reporters only treated Lu Heting as a bodyguard who protected Su Bei because they couldnt see his face clearly.

They had no way of knowing his true identity.

However, as soon as he got in the car, Old Master Tang noticed something different.

He stared straight at Lu Heting.

Lu Heting said to Su Bei in a low voice, “Alright, its okay now.”

He had already thought of a way to deal with it, but since Old Master Tang personally appeared to protect Su Bei, Lu Heting naturally wouldnt refuse.

“Su Bei, come back with me to the Tang family.” Old Master Tangs heart ached for his granddaughter.

“No, Grandpa.

Thank you.

I still want to go back to my place first.” Su Bei rejected the old mans request to go over.

Old Master Tangs gaze lingered on Lu Heting for a while before he retracted it and sighed softly.

He indeed did not have the right to ask Su Bei to follow him home.

The entire Tang family owed Su Bei too much.

The driver dropped Su Bei and Lu Heting off at their place.

Old Master Tang looked at the neighborhood.

It was too ordinary and not suitable for Su Bei..

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