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Chapter 620: Like Childs Play

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Even when they were about to leave the company, Jian Ping and Hao Jiali couldnt help but step on Su Bei.

This made Hao Jiali seem very rare and valuable.

It was not easy for her to qualify for Milan Fashion Week.

After the statement was released, it would naturally arouse everyones speculation and doubts.

Those who supported Su Bei would feel that it was nothing out of the ordinary for her to be able to book the four fashion shows.

[Its only right for Su Bei to get such good resources.

Who doesnt love her long legs and her strength]

[Theres nothing wrong with it.

She deserves it.

Its their honor to have Su Bei walk the runway in the four fashion weeks.]

[Many thanks to these marketing accounts for promoting the news.

To be honest, without you guys, we wouldnt have known that Su Bei, who keeps a low profile, has already received invitations to the four fashion shows.

Thank you for your publicity!]

[When did Su Beis resources not come from her own hard work]

The people who were against her naturally had their opinions too.

Jian Ping even hired some trolls on the internet, so they naturally voiced out their doubts about Su Bei.

[Thats true but Su Beis recent resources are too good.

It hasnt been long since she debuted.

Can she really be so good]

[Thats right.

Its like childs play for her.

She quits whenever she wants and comes back whenever she wants.

Shes so willful yet she was still chosen.

Arent you brands afraid that shell stand you up]

[I heard that the New Years cover for Beauty Magazine was originally Hao Jialis, but Su Bei snatched it as soon as she came back.

Tsk tsk tsk, whats going on behind the scenes]


Old men and whatnot.

Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable.

To think that Su Bei can still sleep at night.]

At this moment, Su Bei had yet to settle some matters because she had received the invitations to participate in the four fashion weeks.

She was still in America, unlike Hao Jiali and the rest who had already rushed back home after knowing that there was no hope.

Therefore, Su Bei did not pay much attention to the rumors in the country.

When Yue Ze saw the news, he frowned slightly.

He did not expect that someone with ulterior motives to be so eager to smear Su Bei before she returned.

Indeed, in less than a year, the speed of Su Beis growth was too fast and dazzling, blocking many peoples paths.

There must be many who disliked Su Bei.

Therefore, this kind of news would spread very quickly.

This kind of dirt would give her competitors additional perks and benefits.

Su Bei was on the phone with Da Bao.

“Da Bao, were going home soon.

Are you ready Lu Heting and I will pick you up.”

“Xiao Bei, can I stay here for a few more days”

Su Bei quickly glanced at Lu Heting.

She was reluctant to let Da Bao stay apart from them any longer, and she also didnt know what Lu Heting thought.

After all, Da Bao was with Feng Ze…

Lu Heting saw Su Beis expression and knew what Da Bao had said.

He narrowed his eyes slightly.

He understood who Da Bao prioritized in his heart.

To Da Bao, his existence could never compare to that man…

However, Su Bei was already by his side.

Would Da Bao still be far away from him

Lu Heting nodded at Su Bei, indicating that he agreed to Da Baos request..

His cold brows relaxed slightly.

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