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Chapter 616: Forcing Him To Panic

Su Bei then took out some money and placed it under her coffee cup before turning to leave.

She would not even let Tang Yue treat her to a cup of coffee.

This was her principle and also her way of protecting herself and her family.

Tang Yue furrowed her brows.

Su Bei was clearly much tougher than she had expected.

Neither soft nor hard tactics worked on her.

This was obviously not going according to Tang Yues plan.

She quickly paid and followed Su Bei, wanting to see where she was staying and who she was with.

Sheng Tang would arrange a special apartment for every artist, but Su Bei never stayed there.

Could it be that Su Bei had someone powerful backing her up

Tang Yue followed Su Beis car until her car drove into a very ordinary neighborhood.

The houses in this neighborhood looked like they cost only a few million yuan per house.

It was a number that a rich young lady like Tang Yue would not take seriously.

Tang Yue followed Su Beis car into the neighborhood.

However, just as she reached the security booth, she was stopped by the security guards.

The entire property was under Lu Heting.

Although the security guards were also fulfilling their duties as workers of the property, they were basically at the service of Su Bei.

An unregistered car like Tang Yues would naturally be unable to enter casually.

“Why are you stopping me Im a guest!”

“May I ask what building, what floor, and what unit number youre visiting as well as whose guest you are” The security guard did not show any mercy.

“Su Bei!” Tang Yue only knew her name but did not know where she lived.

“Which building is it” The security guard was very serious.

“Im telling you, Im Su Beis friend.

If you dont let me in, Ill complain about you!”

“Which building is it” The security guard was as strict as a robot.

He ignored Tang Yues clamor and repeated the question.

Tang Yue did not expect such strict security measures in such an ordinary neighborhood.

She turned around angrily and left.

Since Su Bei lived in such a small district, she probably did not have a strong backing.

Otherwise, she would have already moved to a villa.

Su Bei returned home and began to pack her luggage.

When Lu Heting reached home, he saw that the woman had already packed a large suitcase.

His heart tightened.

Even though he knew that she would never move back to the Tang family and would never leave him and Da Bao, he knew that Tang Yue had looked for her today.

The fear of losing her still made him panic.

After Su Bei was done packing, she turned around and bumped into Lu Heting, which gave her a shock.

“Woah, when did you come back You scared me to death!” Su Bei held her thumping heart.

Seeing the mans gloomy expression, her voice softened.

“Whats wrong What happened”

“Im afraid that youre leaving.” Lu Heting pulled her into his embrace.

He only felt at ease when he felt her warmth.

Su Bei hugged his waist.

“Im not.

Im just going overseas for ten days.

Im going to work.

How would I leave you and our cute sons”


Su Bei could not help but laugh.

This man was too insecure, wasnt he She knew that it was her job that put him under so much pressure.

She felt apologetic.

“Ill be back as soon as Im done.

Also, Im bringing Da Bao along because Feng Ze is injured and he wants to see Da Bao…”

About Da Bao, she was indeed feeling really sorry.

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