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Chapter 61: Chapter61 You Like Children Very Much, Dont You

Lu Heting snorted.

This clever little boy was doing everything he could to please Su Bei.

“Ill eat it too,” he said, reaching out to take the slice of durian cake back.

“Forget it.

Dont eat it if you dont like it.

Or you might get a rash.” Su Bei stopped him.

“How do you know that” Lu Heting was getting more and more confused by the minute.

How did she know him so well She even knew that he would have an allergic reaction to durian.

Su Bei smiled.

“My friend who doesnt like durians is allergic to them, so I guessed that it was the same case with you.”

She didnt want to rush into mentioning Da Bao.

Naturally, she was worried that something else might happen, so she didnt want to tell him until their relationship was somewhat stable.

Moreover, she had to focus on preparing for the Orisa Fashion Show, so she couldnt afford to be distracted by any personal problems till then.

Lu Heting didnt ask any more questions, but just silently studied her face.

His eyes were calm, but Su Bei felt as if she was being completely seen through by him.


Lu, you like children very much, dont you” she ventured to ask, touching Gun Guns head.

“Yes,” Lu Heting replied casually.

But the truth was, he had never liked kids, and had never imagined that such an accident would happen in his life.

When he had first received Gun Gun, he had rejected the little boy for a long time because he resented the boys mother.

But unexpectedly, his heart had gradually opened for this innocent little boy, and he had accepted him into his life.

Now, Gun Gun had become an inseparable part of his life.

Fixing his eyes on Su Bei, he asked, “What about you”

“Me too.” Su Bei smiled, raising the corners of her eyes and eyebrows.

Her beautiful face looked even more radiant because of her smile.

After dinner, she tidied the kitchen, while Gun Gun ran excitedly around the house.

“I like this sofa.

Its beautiful,” he said, rolling around on it.

“I like this flower! Its so beautiful!” He kissed the flower.

“I like this bed.

I want to sleep here.” He opened his arms and hugged the bed.

Su Bei couldnt help laughing.

She had ordered all these furniture and decorations according to her and Da Baos preferences.

Da Bao hadnt seen these things yet, but this little boy seemed to be really fond of them.

Gun Gun held Su Beis legs and asked, “Bei Bei, can I sleep with you Can I stay here Your house is much better than mine!”

It was a small place, but it made him feel warm and safe, unlike his own home, which was big and empty.

His dad was almost never at home.

The house was so quiet that he didnt like staying there at all.

Glancing at Lu Heting, Su Bei thought about how hard it must be for him to take care of a kid on his own.

Besides, his job requested him to be always on call, so he must be very busy.

No wonder Gun Gun liked this house so much.

At the same time, Lu Heting looked at Gun Gun with approval, thinking that he was doing a great job.

“Bei Bei, can I sleep here” Looking at his round face and his big, shining eyes, Su Bei couldnt bring herself to resist.

“It depends on what your daddy says.” She really couldnt refuse such an adorable kid.

Besides, this house would be given to this father and son sooner or later.

So, it wouldnt make much difference if she let them stay here now.

“He can stay.

Ill stay here with him.

Im sorry to trouble you,” Lu Heting said lightly.

It turned out that this man was more direct and straightforward than his son.

Su Bei found a pair of Da Baos pajamas for Gun Gun to wear.

As for Lu Heting, she picked out the same pajamas that she had given him before, the ones she had worn back when she was pregnant.


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