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Chapter 608: Repeated Suspicions

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Lu doesnt like people who bully the weak,” the bodyguard said coldly.

Huang Zhixian was shocked.

He was done for this time.

First, he was caught red-handed by Old Master Tang and now, it turned out that Mr.

Lu had seen him too.

His career was probably at its end.

If he chose to refuse to stand in the snow for 20 minutes more, his future would be ruined.

The crew standing around Huang Zhixian and those who were on good terms with Jian Ping all had lingering fears.

It turned out that receiving money and deliberately causing trouble would really result in retribution.

Next time, they wouldnt dare to do it no matter how much money they were given.

After Lu Heting carried Su Bei back to her room, he placed her in a tub of hot water and quickly arranged for a doctor to come over.

Hearing a knock on the door, he wrapped Su Bei in his bathrobe and carried her into the room.

He said in a low voice, “Let the doctor take a look at you.”

“I feel much better now.” Su Beis cheeks were rosy.

“Be good.

We still need to let the doctor take a look,” Lu Heting said softly.

After the doctor entered, although he did not know Lu Hetings identity, he knew that he had been called over by a big shot.

Not only did he not look around casually, but his expression was also solemn as he conducted a simple and detailed examination on Su Bei.

“Its alright, its nothing too serious.

She just needs to keep warm.” The doctor gave a simple diagnosis.

“Are you sure” It wasnt that Lu Heting didnt believe in doctors.

It was just that Su Bei had just gone through a misdiagnosis last time, causing him to have repeated suspicions regarding doctors.

“Im sure.

Shes better now.

She just cant be left out in the cold anymore…” the doctor replied respectfully.

The man in front of him had a cold aura that made him tremble in fear.

Su Bei helped the doctor out and tugged at Lu Hetings sleeve.

“Okay, you can ask the doctor to leave now.

I want to drink some hot coffee.”

“Can she drink it” Lu Heting asked the doctor.

“Of course, its fine.

Its totally fine,” the doctor quickly said.

Only then did Lu Heting let the doctor leave.

He pressed the hotel service button and got someone to bring Su Beis favorite coffee.

Su Bei took a hot bath and drank a cup of hot coffee.

She managed to recover her energy.

The heater was turned on, and she was wearing a thin sweater.

She hugged a doll and sat beside Lu Heting.

The mans stern and cold expression had not changed since he came over.

It made her feel cold when she got close to him.

Su Bei subconsciously shivered.

This was too terrifying.

Feeling the woman leaning on his shoulder, Lu Heting took his thick jacket off and placed it over her.

Su Bei immediately felt her body heat up and she was about to sweat.

Fine, she was the one who shivered earlier.

She could only accept this burst of warmth.

Su Bei leaned against him and asked, “Why are you here Didnt you say that youd be especially busy”

Lu Hetings expression softened a little as the woman talked to him.

“I came to accompany you.

I just didnt expect to see someone like Huang Zhixian bullying you.”

Heartache flashed across his eyes.

This time, he finally realized that her work was not as glamorous as it seemed on the surface.

It was more about adapting to the harsh weather in the filming environment..

Of course, the main culprit this time was not the weather but Huang Zhixian.

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