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Chapter 598: I Dont Know, It Isnt Me

However, the event was over now.

Hao Jiali had to stand up and follow the crowd out of the venue.

Su Huixian didnt wait for Hao Jiali to retaliate.

She had no choice but to leave as well.

At this moment, someone raised their voice and said, “Wow, look! Just type Su Beis name on Weibo…”

Hao Jiali and Su Huixian took out their phones excitedly and opened Weibo.

It was here! It was here! The time had finally come!

The two of them opened Weibo at the same time and quickly typed Su Beis name.

They waited for negative news to be displayed in front of them.

They were waiting to watch her fall from the top to the ground.

The two of them pressedsearch almost at the same time.

Then, on the screen in front of them, shiny red hearts appeared.

They seemed to be celebrating Su Bei with great enthusiasm.

Everyone was discussing.

“Wow, is this the special effects that Weibo gave Su Bei They really put in so much effort! None of the other models who won the award have it!”

“Didnt you see Its said on Weibo that its not a privilege given to Su Bei by Weibo.

Su Beis fans did it using a program.

Its too beautiful.

Im envious of having such fans.”

“Im envious too.

Theyre such great fans! Why dont I have such good fans”

Hao Jiali and Su Huixian angrily put down their phones.

What great fans They must be blind that they were fans of a woman like Su Bei!

Such things were a waste of public resources.

However, Da Bao, Su Beis biggest fan, said that the special effects could only be seen by typing Su Beis name.

It was meant for Su Bei and those who liked her.

Why would anti-fans type Su Beis name into the search bar anyway Wasting public resources What a joke!

Lu Weijian also picked up his phone and typed Su Beis name.

He laughed.

“Such PDA.

As expected of my brother, he can even think of such a romantic method.

This is really awesome.

I want to plagiarize this method for when I pick up girls.”

He would have to ask his brother how this was done.

No, he would ask his brother to transfer it to him.

He happily came to that decision.

He took out his phone and called Lu Heting.

“Brother, whats the program you used to make that red heart on Weibo Teach me, or simply give it to me.”

“What” Lu Heting didnt understand.

“On Weibo, the one that appears the moment Su Beis name is typed…”

Lu Heting moved his phone away from his ear and opened Weibo to type Su Beis name.

After that, his screen was filled with eye-catching images of hearts.

It was indeed well done, but it had nothing to do with Lu Heting.

He picked up the phone again.

“I dont know, it isnt me.”

“How could it not be you Who else would have so much free time No… I mean, who else could be so talented” Weijian changed his words halfway.

He jumped down from the sofa excitedly and saw Da Bao calmly operating a program on his phone.

Lu Weijian took a closer look.

This was the one!

It was not Big Brother, but Da Bao!

“Ive already found who it is! Brother, so it really isnt you! It turns out its…” Lu Weijian put down his phone and hugged Da Baos thigh.

“Da Bao, can you let Uncle use this”

“…” Da Bao was speechless.

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