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Chapter 597: The PDA From A Couple Match Made In Heaven

Gun Gun was a little disappointed, but when he thought about how Bei Bei would be coming home soon, his mood lifted once more.

He picked up the durian cake Su Bei had made for him and ate while leisurely looking at Bei Bei on the screen.

At the same time, he pulled on his beloved bow tie.

The three of them were all wearing bow ties, but Lu Weijians neck was empty… Alright, he turned around to think about something else.

“Shell 001” Lu Weijian thought about the user who won Su Beis card and found it familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had seen it before.

All of a sudden, a thought flashed through his mind and he slapped his forehead.

“Oh my God, isnt this the account that my brother asked me to help him register Is this even possible Is the organizer cheating, or are my brother and sister-in-law a match made in heaven”

Very soon, he confirmed that they were a match made in heaven.

It could not have been faked because the organizers did not even know of his brothers existence.

Even when he called the person-in-charge cum producer, Meng Fei, it turned out it was his brother who arranged for them to use his name.

Big Brother didnt like to do those things!

With Sister-in-laws personality, she would not bother with these tricks.

Weijian burped.

As a single person, he was being exposed to too much PDA.

Su Bei got off the stage and went backstage.

Xiao Bai followed her and said excitedly, “Congratulations, Su Bei! President Tang and Brother Yue Ze are so happy!”

“Wheres Little President Tang” Su Bei asked.

She had yet to solve this hidden problem and could not be completely at ease.

“Little President Tang has already left.

I heard that she has something urgent to attend to.”

Hearing Xiao Bais words, Su Bei knew that Tang Yue would not play any tricks tonight.

Perhaps she had tried to make a move but her attempts were stopped.

Xiao Bai took out a paper box and said, “Didnt you choose a lucky fan just now Youre supposed to give them the card in your hand.

The other party has already provided the address and the organizer asked me to send it over.”

“Okay, here you go.” Su Bei thought for a while and took out another card.

It was prepared by the production team as a spare in case of emergencies.

She signed her name on it seriously.

Then, she checked the Weibo of this Shell 001 and realized that although the person had voted for her, they had only posted photos of Lu Bei.

Was this person a fan of Lu Bei

As she couldnt give him the card she left her lipstick mark on, Su Bei was a little apologetic.

Hence, she told Xiao Bai, “Prepare a few photos of Lu Bei and the doll that Lu Bei endorsed for the game last time.

Quickly give them to this fan.”

Xiao Bai smiled.

“Then I have to prepare a big box.

Ill get it done immediately!”

The event was still going on, but they were only announcing small awards.

Su Bei did not go out again and sat backstage with the other models to wait for the event to end.

Hao Jiali sat uneasily in front of the stage, waiting for Tang Yue to make things difficult for Su Bei.

Unfortunately, by the time the awards ceremony ended, there was no response from Tang Yue and Jian Ping had not sent any messages.

Hao Jiali scrolled through her Weibo, and everything was peaceful.

Didnt they say that when Su Bei received the award, they would release the dirt on her Didnt they say that they would teach Su Bei a lesson

They were all liars!

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