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Chapter 591: A War Without Smoke

Su Beis assistant, Xiao Bai, was also keeping an eye on a few large fan bases to prevent Tang Yue from doing anything.

It wasnt long before the announcement of the top ten models for this year.

On stage, the host invited two important guests to present the award.

These two guests were both supermodels who had long achieved success and fame.

Although they gradually faded out of the modeling industry, they were still legends in the modeling industry.

The two supermodels went on stage and smiled.

“As everyone knows, the Top Ten Model Awards is a prestigious ranking in our industry.

This ranking was jointly chosen by the public and the judges.

Its a publicly acknowledged ranking.

“The models who receive this honor are the most popular models of the year and the most outstanding ones.

“Being able to receive this honor will also greatly increase their status on the international stage.

“Lets announce the top ten models of this year! The rankings are in no particular order!”

“Qin Huan!”


“Liu Lulu!”




The atmosphere became tense after the first seven names were announced.

Even though Su Huixian knew that she could no longer win the award, she still harbored some hope.

Hao Jiali, on the other hand, felt that she had a high chance of winning.

She and Su Bei were of different ranks.

If Su Bei could enter, she could too.

If Su Bei could not obtain this honor, she still had the chance!

Su Bei, on the other hand, was calm.

She left everything to fate.

She had already done her best.

Everything else was beyond her control.

At that moment, Yue Ze said to Tang Xinru in a low voice, “Tang Yue really reached out to marketing accounts and exposed the news that Su Bei is a member of the Tang family.

Furthermore, in the contents of the leak, she specifically emphasized that in order to make up for the debt he owes Su Bei, the old master of the Tang family used a lot of money to get Su Bei the award.

“Its even said that the few endorsements that Su Bei previously announced are also due to Old Master Tang.

“If all this are published, Su Beis award will lose its value and will be questioned…”

Tang Xinru sighed softly.

“In order to defeat me, she doesnt hesitate to attack her own sister”

She did not expect that Tang Yues target was not her but Su Bei instead.

Tang Yue was unwilling to have a younger sister like Su Bei in the Tang family.

She wanted to snatch her parents love, as well as all the resources and benefits that originally belonged to her.

“Stop all news from being released.

Get someone to keep an eye on Tang Yue.

We cant let her have the chance to contact the media tonight,” Tang Xinru ordered.

Yue Ze was originally very calm, but when he glanced at his phone, he suddenly panicked.

“President Tang, our people lost Tang Yue.”

“What Hurry up and find her,” Tang Xinru stood up and said.

Su Bei sat in the front row and listened to the announcements.

Although she did not know what would happen next, she could see from the corners of her eyes that there were suddenly a few empty seats where the managers and executives sat.

Although it did not get anyones attention, how could Su Bei not figure out what was going on

Hao Jiali took a glance as well and was secretly pleased with herself.

As expected, Tang Yue had started her attack.

This war without smoke would not end so quickly.

She knew that regardless of whether Su Bei won the award or not, it would not end well for her.

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