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Chapter 587: My Beloved

“He dropped his phone and I helped him pick it up.

Maybe he thought I was going to snatch his phone because I was wearing a hat and a mask.

Luckily, we cleared up the misunderstanding in the end,” Su Bei said.

“Do you know whats the funniest thing Hes actually a fan of mine and recognized me at first glance! I never thought that Id have a fan his age!”

Lu Hetings expression turned cold.

As expected, Old Master Tang did not acknowledge Su Bei immediately.

Instead, he tested Su Beis character.

How was that family any different from the Su family

He already had an answer in his heart, but he still asked, “Other than that, didnt he say anything else”


What else would he say” Su Bei narrowed her eyes and could sense the chill on Lu Heting intensify.

When she opened her eyes, however, she saw that Lu Hetings expression was the same as usual.

Su Bei closed her eyes again.

Lu Hetings heart ached for the woman as he continued to massage her.

She was lying comfortably on the sofa like a car being stroked.

She was starting to feel drowsy.

Su Bei was not aware even when Lu Heting left her side.

When he returned, he was holding a large brocade box in his hand.

He said to Su Bei, “Do you want to see your jewelry”

“I do, I do!” Su Bei widened her eyes and nimbly sat up to take the box.

She hurriedly opened it.

Inside were the 12 pieces of jewelry that she had a hard time choosing.

There were necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Almost everything she could think of were inside.

“Wow!” Su Beis eyes were dazzled.

“They looked especially exquisite in the booklet.

I didnt expect them to really look like this in real life…”

Yes, they were indeed real.

Lu Heting immediately focused on the womans expression.

Shecould not find the words to describe what she was seeing in front of her becauseexquisite was not good enough of a word.

The pieces of jewelry were not only exquisite, but they also struck directly at ones heart, making one unable to help but smile.

It was as if they were tailor-made for her.

“Theyre perfectly stunning!” Su Beis finally summed up her feelings with these words.

“Thank you, my beloved.

Lu Heting finally felt at ease.

It had been worth it to spend so much time and effort to prepare this.

He also did not regret taking the time to choose the jewelry and diamonds.

Su Bei picked up the necklace and looked at it seriously.

“Is this really just 1,000 to 2,000 yuan Its actually better than the ones I saw at the Dream Jewelry audition!”

It was hard to believe that such a good item could be bought at such a low price.

However, because she really didnt know much about jewelry, she couldnt tell the quality of these things.

Even though she could not, she just knew in her heart that she liked them a lot.

Previously, when she saw the jewelry from Dream Jewelry, her heart did not waver at all.

Even though she knew that they were all exquisite and were even specially made for weddings, she did not feel anything or have an affinity with them.

Even though she was the spokesperson, she had to be honest.

However, looking at the jewelry in her hands now, she adored each one of them even though she was not usually a fan of accessories.

She was even thinking of what clothes to match them with.

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