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Chapter 582: Detailed Information

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“Hes the head of Sheng Tang Entertainment Company, Old Master Tang” Lu Heting felt that something was amiss after learning his identity.

After Sheng Tang Entertainment was established, Tang Xinru and Tang Yue were in charge of the companys matters.

It could be said that Sheng Tang Entertainment was a company that Old Master Tang had specially built for his two granddaughters.

It was a company that was specially designed to help them achieve success.

Old Master Tang rarely managed company affairs, even during the years when Sheng Tang was at its peak.

What resaon could Old Master Tang have to approach Su Bei

Lu Heting said to Lu Hang, “Find out what happened to the Tang family recently.

We need detailed information.”

He would never give Old Master Tang the chance to hurt Su Bei.

Although Old Master Tang appeared around Su Bei, he never had a particularly good chance to interact with her.

Afterning listening to Tang Yues comments, he knew Su Bei was extremely against the Tang family and had no intention of returning.

She even hoped that the Tang Family could use their power to obtain some personal benefits for her before she was willing to return.

Old Master Tang had always been an upright person who was against using power for personal gain… He didnt know how Su Bei would react when she saw him.

“Im going to take a walk here.

You can go back.” Old Master Tang waved his hand to dismiss the chauffeur.

The driver was a little worried.

“Your health…”

“What can happen to me Im fine! Go, go! Come back when I call you,” Old Master Tang waved his hand and walked into the park.

The chauffeur could only leave first.

Su Bei was doing some activities nearby.

Old Master Tang carried the pigeon cage and slowly walked around the park.

He had thought about seeing Su Bei for a long while now, but his heart was not as calm as it should be.

As he pondered about Su Bei, Old Master Tang tripped over a stone and fell down.

The cage in his hand was also thrown to the ground, causing the pigeons inside to jump noisily.

One flew up and landed on a branch.

It didnt fly down again.

Old Master Tang wanted to stand up, but he couldnt.

It seemed that his leg was injured, so he couldnt stand up.

He quickly took out his phone and contacted the driver.

However, his phone had fallen out of his pocket a few meters away from him.

“Young man, help me…” Old Master Tang waved at the young man beside him for help.

However, the young man hesitated for a moment as if he was afraid that he would be scammed.

He turned around and left.

Old Master Tang sighed.

He thought about the news he had watched and understood the young mans behavior.

In this world, there were indeed some old people who were scammers taking advantage of peoples goodwill.

‘Then Ill just crawl over.

I can pick up the phone if I crawl over.

He thought about how he had lived his whole life upright and strong.

Now that he was old, he had encountered such a problem.

Old Master Tang sighed repeatedly.

Just as he was thinking this, another young man arrived in front of him.

He was wearing a hoodie over his head.

He walked over and picked up Old Master Tangs phone.

With a sneaky look on his face, he looked like he was about to run away.

“Put it down!” Old Master Tang was furious when he saw the young man.

What was wrong with youngsters these days It was one thing for them not to be kind, but there were actually people who wanted to take advantage of the situation and steal his phone

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