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Chapter 579: Who Doesnt Know How To Say Things At Face Value

In other words, the Tang family would not help Su Bei.

As everyone knew, some awards could be bought.

Even if the selection was very strict, there were still loopholes.

It only depended on whether the other party was willing to help or not.

Tang Yue was attempting to sow discord between the Tang family and Su Bei.

The day she succeeded in sowing discord between them would be the day Tang Yue revealed Su Beis identity to her.

She needed many things, but she did not need a dispensable sister.

Su Bei curled his red lips into a smile.

“Then I really have to thank them.

When I entered this circle, I never thought of winning an award through this means.

Its good to rely on my own strength to reach greater heights.

That way, Ill be deserving of my attainments.

I dont want anything that doesnt belong to me.”

With that, she nodded and left.

Tang Yue looked at Su Beis back view and lightly harrumphed.

“Who doesnt know how to say things at face value You dont want to rely on shady means to win an award You just havent gotten the chance to do so yet.”

‘Su Bei, I really hope that youll always be this aloof.

Before she had to attend the award ceremony, Su Bei went to the shop Yue Ze had told her about and got the custom-made clothes from before.

She also went to get a custom-made gown.

The gown was a beautiful starry blue and was extremely dazzling.

It was cinched at the waist and the hem reached her thighs, perfectly revealing Su Beis long legs.

Ordinary evening gowns were rarely short.

This was because a short gown was relatively difficult to control.

Especially on a formal occasion, it was easy to appear lacking in dignity.

However, that was only relative.

After Su Bei changed into the gown, she stopped smiling and changed her expression.

As her expression became more dignified, her gown and her entire person became different as well.

Who said short evening gowns were hard to control Who said they werent dignified enough

The sales assistant was stunned.

“No wonder you said the length doesnt matter! It really doesnt matter! You look good no matter what you wear!”

“Its also because you guys did a good job that it fits so well,” Su Bei smiled and said,” Thank you.”

The few sales assistants received many celebrities from Sheng Tang.

Those who came would just take the clothes and leave.

The more famous they were, the more temperamental they were.

People like Su Bei, whose fame and temper was inversely proportional, were really rare.

It made them feel flattered.

“Do you have any other requests”

“Is there anything left of this fabric”

“Yes, there is, but theres only a little bit left.” The sales assistant came out with the remaining fabric.

There really wasnt much left, and it wasnt appropriate to do anything with it, so they planned to throw it away.

Su Bei smiled, her eyes shining brightly.

“Can you give it to me”

“Of course.

You can take it if you want, but you wont be able to do much with it.

If you want to do something with it, theres a whole piece of good fabric over there.

I can get you a whole piece anytime.”

“No, just this will do.

Let me borrow your sewing machine.”

The staff brought her over.

Su Bei sat down, measured the fabric, cut it, and stepped on the sewing machine.

Soon, a large bow tie and two small ones were sewn.

They looked quite exquisite.

The sales assistant couldnt help but laugh.

“We really didnt expect that.

But they dont seem compatible with your gown.”

“Its fine.

Ill match them with other clothes.” Su Bei smiled and thanked the sales assistants.

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