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Chapter 575: I Dont Want To See Her!

Madam Lu initially thought that Su Bei was someone with a son herself, so she would adore Gun Gun as well.

She did not expect that they would only bring Da Bao out and not care about Gun Gun at all, leaving him alone in this pigeon cage-sized room!

Madam Lu was furious.

She wasnt angry at her son or Da Bao but Su Bei!

It was normal for her son to accompany Da Bao, but if her son did not bring Gun Gun along, it would be because of that womans instigation.

To think that the last time she came, she even expressed her goodwill to Su Bei, gave her gifts, and borrowed her money.

Was this how Su Bei was treating her grandson in return

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Madam Lu hugged Gun Gun and said, “Gun Gun, do you miss your aunt”

Gun Gun shook his head honestly.

Even if Madam Lu did not bring it up, he really did not miss his aunt.

With Bei Bei around, he felt as if he already had the entire world.

Why would he think of his aunt

Madam Lu guided him patiently.

“Youll be meeting your aunt again in two days.

She said she bought the latest toys and the best snacks for you, Gun Gun.”

“I dont want to go.” Gun Gun shook his head.

He only wanted to be together with Big Brother Da Bao and Bei Bei.

“But its your scheduled appointment to see her, isnt it” Madam Lu said.

“Didnt you call herMommy last time Dont you want to see your mommy”

Gun Gun shook his head seriously.

“Can I not go to see her I dont want to see her!”

He resisted that woman from the bottom of his heart.

Madam Lus heart ached.

“Look at you.

Apart from going to kindergarten, do you only stay in this small place every day Youre going to be locked up until you turn dumb.

Ill tell your father that I want to bring you back to the old residence to live.”

“I dont want to!” Gun Gun took a few steps back.

Just then, the door opened.

Lu Heting opened the door.

Su Bei held Da Baos little hand and said, “Since the training class youve been attending is very ordinary and cant teach you anything, lets cancel the classes.

Well talk about it again if theres a good teacher.”

The moment the door opened, Gun Gun rushed over and hugged Su Beis leg.

He didnt want to go back to the old residence, nor did he want to see his aunt.

All he wanted was Bei Bei.

“Baby, I bought you some freshly roasted chestnuts.

Touch them.

Theyre still warm.” Su Bei stuffed the warm packet into his little hand.

Gun Guns eyes instantly lit up.

He happily held it up.

It was really warm and felt so comfortable.

Su Bei waved another packet in her hand.

“I bought some fresh durian to make you a durian cake too! Do you want to eat it”

Madam Lu unhappily said, “Gun Guns body is weak, so its better to eat less outside food.”

“Mom.” Su Bei saw Madam Lu and quickly greeted her.

“You guys seem to be having a good time.” Madam Lu seemed to be hinting at something.

She saw Su Bei patting Gun Guns head and coaxing him with some food bought from outside.

Su Bei was about to speak when Gun Gun hugged her leg.

He then opened his arms, wanting Su Bei to hug him.

Su Bei reached out to hug him and he giggled.

“Bei Bei, peel some chestnuts for me.

Theyre my favorite.”

Madam Lu choked.

Su Bei carried Gun Gun and held Da Baos hand.

They went to the sofa and gently peeled chestnuts.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were talking about something.

Gun Guns round little face was full of smiles.

He looked completely different from before.

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