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Chapter 572: I Wont Be Mistaken

Li Xuans company was a very small one.

The boss only had a few artists, including her.

Apart from Li Xuan, no one else was popular.

Initially, the boss wanted to invest all his resources in Li Xuan alone.

He wanted to wait until she became famous before helping others.

Therefore, when she used such means this time, he did not have any qualms about it.

Once she became famous, the entire company would be revived.

However, before the boss could wake up from his dream, their company was shut down! Because of a list of criminal charges such as embezzlement and bribery, they were shut down that night.

The staff was dismissed and Li Xuan became a loner.

On the same day, she was beaten up by a staff member who had long been unhappy with her, which resulted in a scar on her leg.

She was unable to go on stage anymore.

This matter ended smoothly.

Those who had hurt Su Bei could not escape.

Among those who had been watching this farce, the Tang family was one of them.

Tang Yues father, Tang Jianming, and her mother, Lin Shulian, had been watching the whole time.

When the curtains were drawn, the couple looked at each other with tears in their eyes.

Old Master Tang sat on the main seat of the sofa with Tang Yue, Tang Xinru, and Tang Xinrus parents standing on both sides.

Lin Shulians hands trembled slightly as she took out her phone and said, “Look, they posted a photo of Su Bei when she was young.

Its the child we lost when we were young.

This is my daughter.

I wont be mistaken.”

Su Bei was adopted by Chen Xiuzhu in the orphanage when she was young.

This meant that she was sent to the orphanage after she went missing.

Everything made sense.

Her poor daughter! She was only two years old when she went missing…

“I dont know how much hardship she suffered all these years outside.

How pitiful!”

Tang Jianming held his crying wife.

Old Master Tang was sick recently but was especially happy after hearing about Su Beis matter.

He said that he would be discharged no matter what and came back to welcome his granddaughter home.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Since shes my granddaughter, I naturally have to bring her back.

I cant leave her outside.

But does Su Bei know about this”

“No one has told her yet.

She probably doesnt know,” Tang Yue said.

“After experiencing so many things, she must be very guarded.

Why dont I go look for her first and tell her about this”


Go quickly.

You must let Su Bei come home and acknowledge her roots.

She has suffered a lot all these years.

She should have been brought back long ago,” Lin Shulian urged.

When they left the main residence, Tang Xinru walked out with her parents and said in a soft voice, “I really didnt expect Su Bei to be a member of our Tang family.

When I first saw her, I had a good impression of her.

It turns out that we share such a relationship.”

Tang Xinrus mother, Cai Hua, frowned slightly.

“Xinru, at such a critical moment in the competition for the companys rights, they suddenly want to bring back their daughter who just so happens to be a female artist who has a huge role in Sheng Tang.

Dont you think its too strange

“Su Bei is an artist youre doing your best to train.

If they suddenly snatch her away, wouldnt your hard work be wasted In the future, wouldnt they be able to take the position of president”

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