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Chapter 567: No Advice

Du Luo looked at Su Huixian, his gaze filled with doubt, suspicion, disbelief, and shatted fragments of trust.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan were standing together in the crowd, supporting each other.

Su Huixians exquisite makeup was ruined, and her gentle expression was contorted now.

She looked around, trying to find an opening to escape.

“Su Huixian is here!” someone shouted.

The reporters who did not notice her previously all looked over now.

When they saw Su Huixian, they all gathered around her.

“Su Huixian, do you know anything about changing your age”

“Su Huixian, your information says that youre 22 years old and one year younger than Su Bei.

But in reality, youre already 27 years old, right”

“Your father slandered Su Beis mother for having an affair, but in reality, your mother interfered in someone elses family and gave birth to you, causing Su Beis mother to commit suicide.

What do you think about this”

Qiu Minxuan shielded Su Huixian and shouted, “Everyone, make way! This has nothing to do with Huixian.

We have nothing to say! Please make way!”

Su Huixian refused to answer.

She bit her lip tightly as though if she did not answer, these questions would not have an effect.

This was the most embarrassing moment she experienced since she was young.

Before Xu Zhiqin brought her to the Su family back then, her neighbors and classmates all knew her as a mistress daughter.

She had no friends and was despised wherever she went.

Other parents did not want their children to play with her either.

It was as though if they were around her, their children would become mistresses children as well.

It was as if she was a creature that could infect others.

After returning to the Su family, the prejudices against her dissipated.

She and her mother worked hard for many years before finally managing to make those gossip gradually disappear.

Apart from the Du family, who secretly despised them, no one else took this matter seriously.

However, all these nightmarish memories surfaced again, following her like a shadow.

“Su Huixian, how old are you”

“Su Huixian, what do you have to say about teaming up with your mother to hurt Su Bei”

“Your father took out evidence to slander Su Bei.

Are you aware about this”

The sharp questions pierced into her ears one by one, making her dizzy.

Her asthma started to act up, and she opened her mouth wide to take in deep breaths of air.

“Du Luo, help me…” She extended her hand toward Du Luo and groaned as she collapsed.

Qiu Minxuan shouted anxiously, “Everyone, move away! Huixians asthma is acting up!”

The reporters finally gave way.

Du Luo had no choice but to step forward to support Su Huixian.

Su Xingfus high blood pressure was acting up too and he had no energy to spare to help his daughter.

He could not even take care of himself now.

He sat on the chair and panted heavily.

Su Bei saw this farce and said to Yue Ze, “Brother Yue Ze, lets go.”

She did not want to look at the Su family anymore.

This family did not deserve her sympathy.

Director Gibson heaved a sigh of relief and went forward to say, “Su Bei, although I didnt really understand what you were talking about, its great that youre fine now.

Otherwise, Id have to find someone to reshoot the commercial!”

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