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Chapter 562: Adopted

“Su Bei is really pitiful to have such a father.”

“Thats right.

No wonder Su Bei never participated in events with Su Huixian.

With such a father andsister, why would she stand on the same stage as Su Huixian”

Su Xingfus face turned black as he was scolded.

He shouted, “Even if Im in the wrong, Su Bei is still not my biological daughter! At most, my first wife and I are in the wrong! The fault doesnt lie with me alone!”

“Thats true.

But if you werent such a jerk, your first wife, Chen Xiuzhu, wouldnt have cheated on you.

She must have been too disappointed in you.”

“Thats right, thats right.

If you want to say whos more at fault, its still you.”

Hearing the reporters discussions and Su Xingfus argument, Su Bei pressed her hands down.

“Everyone, my mother did not have an affair.

What Su Xingfu said is not true.”

“Su Bei, do you mean that the DNA report was faked by Su Xingfu If thats the case, hes really such a scumbag.

He even tried to scam his own daughter.”

A look of pain flashed across Su Beis eyes.

“Im indeed not Su Xingfus daughter.

But my mother did not cheat.

Back then, they adopted me.”

Amidst the surprised discussions of the reporters, Su Bei took out an adoption certificate and placed it in front of everyone.

This was also a legal document issued by the national authorities.

It could not be casually copied.

It could be checked and tracked.

At that moment, Su Xingfus face turned pale.

He could no longer stand steadily.

However, no one reached out to help him.

In fact, they looked at him with contempt.

Su Huixian and Qiu Minxuan had to support each other to regain their balance.

Su Bei said calmly, “Back then, my mother, Chen Xiuzhu, miscarried not long after she got pregnant due to her poor health.

The doctor said that she had to recuperate before she could continue trying to conceive.

However, my mother was eager to have a child, so she went to the orphanage and adopted me.

She brought me back to the Su family and treated me like her own daughter.

“My mother never cheated on me or did anything to let down her family.

I was adopted.

Isnt it normal for my DNA to be different from Su Xingfus

“Su Xingfu, in order to cover up the fact that you and Xu Zhiqin had an affair, which caused your first wife harm, and to cover up the fact that Su Huixian is the daughter of a mistress, you spent so much effort to frame me and my deceased mother.

Do you still have a conscience Can you sleep well at night Do you dream about my mother”

Su Xingfus face was pale as sweat dripped down his forehead.

He went out for wool only to come home shorn.

At this moment, his reputation had plummeted.

Su Bei looked at him and did not sympathize with him at all.

Instead, she felt carefree.

“Su Xingfu, after my mother passed away, you despised me for being a burden.

You also despised me for always causing trouble with Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian, so you sent me to the orphanage again and again.

You made me go back and forth to the orphanage several times.

I stayed there for several years.

“However, you were afraid that the people around you would criticize you, so you still brought me back to the Su family a few times to prevent others from gossiping.

“Youre not my biological father, so I never expected you to treat me well or dote on me.

Its understandable for you to be biased toward Su Huixian.

I didnt want to keep fighting with them, so I went to America.”

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