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Chapter 559: What A Benevolent Person

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Su Xingfus words not only caused an uproar but also sent waves of shock!

The DNA test report that was revealed confirmed that Su Bei was indeed the product of Chen Xiuzhus affair.

It also confirmed that Chen Xiuzhu committed adultery.

This meant that what Madam Wang said was true.

“This… Su Beis background is really unimaginable…” The reporters started discussing.

“Then this means that what Mr.

Su said is true.

Su Bei often disrespects her father and doesnt have a good relationship with her family.

Everything is her own doing…”

“She even treats her father, who raised her, in such a manner.

Her character is indeed not worthy of respect…”

After he was done with his speech, Su Xingfu looked at Su Bei.

At this moment, he no longer had much feelings for Su Bei.

She was not his biological daughter anyway.

He was about to leave.

Su Bei opened her mouth.

Her voice was cold and indifferent.


Su, please wait.”



Everyone looked at Su Bei.

Su Xingfu stopped in his tracks.

“Su Bei, what else do you have to say”

“You said that my mother cheated on you and Im the product of her affair” Su Bei walked toward him step by step.

There was no change in her expression, but her eyes were filled with shattered emotions.

This man in front of her was not worthy of her mother, her forbearance, and her kindness.

Su Xingfu braced himself.

Once he thought of Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian, he hardened his heart.

“I already have the DNA report with me.

What else do you have to say”

“Then what about you and your current wife, Xu Zhiqin My mother was still alive when you got yourself a new lover.

This happened before you two were divorced.

How do you explain that” Su Bei asked word by word.

Many people knew that Su Xingfus current wife was Xu Zhiqin and that Su Huixian was her child.

However, apart from close friends, no one else knew that when Xu Zhiqin and Su Xingfu were together, Su Xingfu had not divorced yet.

The few people who knew Xu Zhiqin well knew that she was a mistress and viewed her, as well as her daughter, with disdain.

It was obvious how much Xu Zhiqin and Su Huixian wanted to turn the tables.

Su Xingfu sighed and said, “I admit that when I met Huixians mother, I wasnt divorced yet.

However, your mother had already betrayed me and made me suffer for so many years.

She even wanted to raise a daughter who didnt belong to me.

Therefore, I dont think it was wrong of me to have fallen in love with Huixians mother! Ive already been extremely benevolent toward you and your mother!”

“What a great way of doing things! Mr.

Su, you sure were determined to cheat on your wife, marry your mistress, and force your wife to commit suicide.

Are you determined to protect your mistress all the way to the end” Su Bei asked loudly.

The more her heart ached and the more anxious she was, the more stable her tone became.

Her voice forced Su Xingfu into a corner.

Su Xingfu said loudly, “Su Bei, youre slandering me! Do you have any evidence for what you said And the fact that youre not my biological daughter is irrefutable evidence!

“Ive never let you and your mother down.

On the other hand, after Huixian and her mother joined the Su family, they were constantly bullied and pushed aside by you..

They tolerated everything and didnt want to become enemies with you, but you just wouldnt let them off! I just want to give them justice now.

You dont have the right to interfere!”

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